NewsEntertainmentBattiato, Verdone: "Brave and mystical experimenter, immense pain"

Battiato, Verdone: “Brave and mystical experimenter, immense pain”


“The death of Franco Battiato is an immense pain. He has not only been a great courageous experimenter since the beginning of his career, but over time he has increasingly come closer to a mystical dimension, closer to the East than to the West”. It is the memory of Carlo Verdone, who entrusts his pain for the death of the Sicilian singer-songwriter at the age of 76 to an intense post on Instagram. “His concert in Iraq was admirable and moving – recalls Verdone – with an orchestra often lacking some strings in the strings and instruments without maintenance. It was splendid and significant”. Read also The Roman actor and director then recalls the meeting with Maestro Battiato: “Meek, calm, solitary I met him in 1991. And I was very struck by his ascetic dimension, never severe and sad. Indeed serene. Everyone has his own album. favorite and his favorite song: for me ‘La Voce del Padrone’ and ‘La Cura’ are his highest points. May he rest in peace. That peace he had found within himself “.



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