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Pupi Avati: “Films are not for digital platforms but cinemas have a marked destiny”


“I strongly fear that cinemas have a marked destiny: after a long time in which we have been forced to go digital, I now expect a difficult life for cinemas …”. Pupi Avati expresses all his pessimism, on the sidelines of his speech at the Rimini Meeting, underlining that “in cinemas the film ‘commands’ while on the platforms, with the remote control, it can be abandoned even after only two minutes from the start”. The director complains: “At home, the film coexists with the family, with the kitchen, with the bathroom, with the telephone and the intercom, with the refrigerator … it must have a lot of narrative force from the beginning, while a film in the cinema you can see until the end, if only because you paid for a ticket. After such a long period in which we were forced to use the digital platform, I believe that unfortunately cinemas are preparing to have a poor life “. Yet, underlines Pupi Avati, “Italian cinema presents itself at the next Venice Film Festival in a marvelous way: few times there have been a representation of interesting, curious films, far from the comedy ‘cinemetto’ from the short bench. There is really a substantial change of direction for the proposed quality: our cinema has regained courage and that’s just what it takes, the courage to maintain its artistic and cultural identity “. Meanwhile, the filming for the film about Dan is in the pipeline. you directed by Pupi Avati. “We are at the end of the eighth week and there are still two more”, announces the director on the sidelines of his speech at the Rimini Meeting. ‘years ago, but they didn’t let me do it, due to financial difficulties: now, when it came to helping me, only Rai Cinema has moved and only now the Ministry of Culture, despite so many promises and so much bad literature on Dante ” . Pupi Avati explains: “With this film of mine, I want to make Dante seductive and not pedantic and opinionated as my teachers painted him when I went to school: they did everything so that I didn’t love him! an extraordinarily young character and can be very modern “. (by the correspondent Enzo Bonaiuto)


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