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Renato Zero, here is the text of the unpublished written for the sorcini


Renato Zero’s live at the Circus Maximus opened with the unpublished ‘Quel Bellissimo niente’ dedicated to his affectionate public, which tonight inaugurated a series of 6 Roman concerts by the singer-songwriter, entitled ‘Zerosettanta’, because they were initially scheduled for 2020. on the occasion of the artist’s 70th birthday and then sent back for Covid. “It is thanks to you that I finally understood my place as it is”, sang Renato initially remained behind the scenes while the text of the song flowed on the big screen of the stage, which ends with a poignant dedication: “How many lives have you left me live. You have always been there, my beautiful people. Take care of yourself. And of me … “. At the end, sheets with the text of the original signed by Renato were thrown on the crowd and sold like hot cakes as a reminder of this special event.



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