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Renato Zero: “We will go to vote as with the football pool ticket”


“Did we need to go to the vote so quickly? We were so happy with Draghi! He could finish his term. So we will go and vote like a football pool ticket. We don’t know the candidates. We had the Almiranti, the Saragat,” Togliatti and Nenni people who went around the villages and instead now we are groping in the dark “. On the closing evening of the election campaign, Renato Zero opens his six days of Roman concerts at the Circus Maximus, postponed for two years due to the pandemic and initially scheduled to celebrate his 70th birthday in 2020. An event that in fact has retained the title ‘ Zerosettanta ‘and that he found himself, on dates already set, to leave on the weekend of the vote. “The coincidence with the electoral campaign? We hadn’t imagined it at all but it didn’t touch me. Even I was voted for by the people who stay here these evenings”, he smiles. “We want peace, we want a government made up perhaps of three people but of people who are aware, who take care of the needs of workers, students, the sick. There is no longer a euro. It is crazy for an Italian to pay 600 euro of electricity bill. Once there was a piggy bank in families, now there is nothing left. Why shouldn’t we have the guarantee of a government to guide us to moderate consumption? Why should we wait for Putin’s last decision? “, he says. Renato has not performed in his city since 2019. “It’s like resuming your studies after having abandoned them and having to run into Homer. The stage is a very demanding reality. And when you detach yourself even briefly, you have to do some training”. Of the mysterious lineup, which will change every night, he says: “I left many songs at home. Each night will be a different concert with some fixed hinges, songs that more than others have become part of a certain ceremony of mine with the fans. done a good job “, he says, meeting the journalists before the debut evening (the others are scheduled for 24, 25, 28, 30 and 1 October) while about 15,000 sorcini fill the arena set up with seats (in all 98,000 spectators in the six evenings). “My audience is an audience that has measured itself with discomfort, with suffering. I become a trade unionist. The song becomes a war song, sometimes an oratory to get closer to God. Faith? For me it is before all the need to make peace with oneself “. In the six evenings he will have several guests and will pay tributes but not to Raffaella Carrà: “It didn’t seem appropriate because Raffaella is still alive for me. At the Argentario I still feel like I’m having lunch with her. I will, however, pay homage to Mimi and Gabriella Ferri. in the coming evenings “. On the relationship with Rome he underlines: “I am halfway between North Rome and South Rome and therefore free from a veiled but present racism. He was also present in Pasolini’s time, with many who pointed to him and then presented themselves to his funeral” . As for the 70 years old, which in the meantime will become 72 on September 30, he draws a balance sheet: “I am at peace with myself, even if perhaps I devoted myself a lot to music and I neglected Renato who needed green meadows and blue seas : I don’t know how to ski and I don’t know how to swim “. On the choice of the Circus Maximus he confesses that he tried to get back Villa Borghese, as happened for his 60 years, but it was not possible. “There I felt the embrace of the public. For years I have rejected the Olympic Stadium because I saw the ‘hoods’ too far away and I could not understand who Jolanda was and who Alfredo was. If I had done just one concert I would have sweated even less but to I like it that way. This theatrical embrace “.



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