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Arlia (‘Fortissimo’) in El Jem: “Calabria imitates Puglia and Sicily on the sites”


“Calabria imitates Sicily and Puglia, on the enhancement of historical sites, archaeological areas, stone theaters, in terms of culture and tourism. And I say this as a Calabrian”. This is the appeal addressed by Maestro Filippo Arlia, director of the Calabrian Philharmonic Orchestra and artistic director of the ‘Fortissimo Festival’, now in its fourth edition, which for the first time lands in the Tunisian amphitheater of El Jem, one of the largest ‘colosseums’ in the world and Unesco heritage, thanks to the collaboration of the ‘Tchaikovsky’ conservatory of Catanzaro with the Tunisian state conservatory of Ben Arous and the Higher Institute of Music Studies of Tunis, after three years of experience since 2012 to 2014 with the Music Institute of Sousse, then interrupted due to the events caused by the advent of Isis. “Tunisia is an Arab and Muslim country but devoid of religious fundamentalisms and classical music and opera, sometimes seen as bulwarks of Western culture, are welcomed in Tunisia and indeed Tunisian children want to embrace these artistic and cultural traditions “, explains Arlia in the conference organized in Mahdia on the Tunisian coast, on the eve of the two shows in El Jem: a tribute to Ennio Morricone’s cinema music and a tribute to Pier Paolo Pasolini’s poems interpreted by Gabriele Lavia and Federica Di Martino.” Morricone is now universally recognized as the excellence of film music and Pasolini is the ‘writer of music’ as the title of the show proposed by Lavia states as in his films he used a lot of classical music pieces – illustrates Arlia – Then , in the second part of the ‘Fortissimo Festival’ Monday and Tuesday in Tunis, a tribute to Corelli and Astor Piazzolla, of whom many have forgotten Italian origins, Apulian from Trani “. The Philharmonic Orchestra of Calabria is also in partnership with the ‘Opera Festival of Stone Theaters’ which takes place in Sicily, between Taormina and Syracuse, Tindari and Segesta,” all prestigious and historically recognized places “, as well as with the ‘Pif’ of Castelfidardo, the most important international accordion festival. “All the interventions we propose are produced by us, thanks to the funding of the Fus, the unique Fondo dello Spettacolo: we only make original shows, no one bought ‘turnkey’ …”, Arlia is keen to underline. (Of the correspondent Enzo Bonaiuto)



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