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On UltimoTv by Crespi and Capitano Ultimo video clip “Now is enough” against the Camorra


In May 2019, Camorra killer fired in Piazza Nazionale in Naples in broad daylight hitting little Noemi, who survived the tragic adventure. From there, Ambrogio Crespi’s desire to use the communication closest to young people, music, to convey messages of legality. Together with 13 rappers from Campania, the song “Ora Basta” was born, which was also awarded at the Giffoni Film Festival. A strong message against the wall of silence, against the fear felt by those who would like to denounce the wrongdoing or distance themselves but fail. An artistic project of great value, born with the moral patronage of the Onlus Foundation ‘A Voce d’e creature’ by Don Luigi Merola. UltimoTv today relaunches the video clip made together with Niccolò Crespi and Francesco Barozzi. “I remember that when I learned of the news of the shooting I thought that the indifference would be worse than the action itself – comments the director Ambrogio Crespi – but I also thought that filmography was not the best tool at that moment to send a cry of contempt towards that criminal world that fascinates certain young people so much; then the idea of ​​the song ‘Ora Basta’ was born, but I knew that it would have had a greater prominence if it had been sung by Neapolitan rappers: and so I did “. “With the rapper boys – adds Crespi – we wrote the text in less than 24 hours, each of them wanted to convey a clear and unequivocal message against the Camorra, also recalling the murder of Annalisa Durante. Lately, many concerts have been banned because Neo-melodic singers like Pandetta or De Martino use music to launch messages of the mafia. We must thank women like Maricetta Tirrito, president of the Laboratory ‘A Woman for the protection of the rights of the weak’ and spokesperson of the Co.Gi. for her battle for legality so that these people are prohibited from spreading hatred and the underworld “.” We have a duty – concludes Crespi – to protect the new generations from these forms of violence, they must be removed from the culture of organized crime which remains a cancer to be eradicated in our country. musicians and singers must unite for the good of the children, to give messages of life and hope for the future, even De Martino and Pandetta should bero shout with their songs ‘Ora Basta’ against every mafia “.



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