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Zecchi: “For young people, politics is without vision, there is no difference between the proposals”


The young eighteen-year-olds who appear for the first time on the electoral scene, called to exercise the right to vote, “complain that politics lacks a vision. This implies absolute indifference between the various political proposals. They do not affirm this principle with a polemical tone, but with a sense of unease because they would like to understand the differences “. For the philosopher Stefano Zecchi, interviewed by AdnKronos, this is the perception that the young people have of the electoral campaign in progress a few days before the polls. Taking into consideration his particular case as a father of an eighteen year old, Zecchi explains: “One of the most frequently asked questions of my son, who has just graduated from high school and managed to pass the Bocconi test, is this: that Is there a difference between this party and the other? Young people want a policy that gives a vision of the world. A policy that is committed to raising the country’s GDP is not enough for them. In my opinion, this is the crucial issue “. “A knot – asks Zecchi – that arises from the fact that ideologies are lacking? No. But that arises from the fact that there is no policy capable of enhancing human heritage. Human heritage that should enter the professions, the world of work from the most complex to the simplest one. Young people really feel abandoned to themselves. I think this is one of the aspects that penalizes in the highest way the politics observed by young people “. A perception that “leads them on the one hand to a sense of mistrust that makes them say that ‘everything is the same’ ‘and, on the other, to a desire to commit themselves, but beyond politics: that is, in all forms that can be socially useful “. Young people, concludes Zecchi,” do not want prebends, they want training that makes them competitive in the labor market, in the world in general, and with their European comrades. Competitive in the confrontation of ideas. They ask exactly this of politics: not to be evoked as the general future but as an absolute present that must have a perspective on the part of politics and the possibility of discussing ideas “.



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