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Heart and jewel of Paris, the largest museum in the world, the Louvre, is an incredible witness to over a thousand years of history. The doc ‘The battle of the Louvre ”tells it, broadcast on Thursday 22 September at 10.10 pm on Rai Storia. First a fortress, then a royal castle, then the people’s home before becoming the home of culture, the Louvre has experienced heroic and tragic stories, turbulent and violent events and has undergone numerous changes. Wars and revolutions have transformed it, going hand in hand with the history of France. From the Auditorium Parco della Musica in Rome, a concert by the Orchestra of the National Academy of Santa Cecilia, conducted by Maestro Antonio Pappano, broadcast on Thursday 22 September at 16.50 on Rai 5. In the program of the concert “La scala di seta” by Gioachino Rossini and “Symphony concertante in B flat major” by Franz Joseph Haydn. Sudden death disrupts the life of a group of young inmates who are facing an innovative rehabilitation program. What happened that first night at the campsite? ‘Wild Republic’, the new original by RaiPlay, produced by Beta Film, which arrives on 22 September in exclusive first viewing, on the Rai platform with eight episodes available in boxset, in two languages ​​(Italian and English), will keep everyone in suspense. and subtitled. It is the story of a group of young people, with difficult lives and nothing in common, chosen to live the experience of eight weeks immersed in nature. On the very first night of camping, however, the guide who accompanies them is found killed. Nobody knows what happened, but everyone is faced with a dilemma: report what happened or run away? They choose to escape by remaining united, venturing to the highest peaks of the Alps to take refuge in a cave, sheltered from the elements and from their pursuers. “Wild Republic – underlines the director of RaiPlay and Digital, Elena Capparelli – is an exciting and engaging series, which shines a light on the complexity of the human soul. It is a story of survival and redemption, with elements of mystery, mystery and action, but also a story of solidarity and for this reason we are happy to have it exclusively on RaiPlay “. ‘Wild Republic’, written by Arne Nolting, Jan Martin Scharf, Klaus Wolfertstetter, is directed by Markus Goller and Lennart Ruff. on Rai Radio 1 we will talk about Putin’s speech, on Rai 1 Today is another day, on RaiNews ‘Health is enough’ It is Vladimir Putin’s speech to the Russian nation that dominates public attention, with many questions, first of all the one on the evolution of the conflict in Ukraine. It will be discussed at the opening of Radio too, conducted Thursday 22 September by Giorgio Zanchini on Rai Radio 1 from 6.30 to 9. Other topics: the UN general assembly in New York and the very last days of the election campaign. Among the guests, from 6.30 to 7, Enrica Belli, Gr, Federica Ionta, Gr, Marco Barbonaglia, Rai correspondent in Kiev and Marc Innaro, Rai correspondent from Moscow. From 7.30 to 8 Daniele Raineri, envoy of La Repubblica, Nathalie Tocci, director of Iai and Maurizio Lupi, president of ‘Noi con l’Italia’, candidate with ‘Noi Moderati’. From 8.30 to 9 Mara Morini, professor of Political Science at the University of Genoa, expert on Russia, Manlio Graziano, geopolitician, Giovanni Castellaneta, former ambassador to Iran and the USA and Annalisa Camilli, International, Elenoire Casalegno will be the guest of Serena Bortone at the opening of “Today is another day”, broadcast on Thursday 22 September at 14.05 on Rai 1. Following, the revival of 80s music with the singer and DJ Gary Law. In the second part of the program, however, the usual space for politics in view of the vote on September 25th, with guests Giuseppe Conte (Movimento 5 stelle – 2050) and Maurizio Lupi (Noi Moderati). To accompany Serena Bortone, as always, the group of stable affections, Jessica Morlacchi, Memo Remigi, Antonio Mezzancella, Romina Carrisi and Francesco Oppini. Back on RaiNews, Thursday 22 September, ‘Basta la salute’, the medical and health weekly edited by Gerardo D’Amico, broadcast at 11.40 and replayed at 14.40 and Saturday 24 September at 20.30. At the opening, a report on neuro-psycho-motor problems in children, born prematurely or with cerebral palsy or autistic syndrome: the importance of early diagnosis and rehabilitation interventions at the Don Gnocchi Institute in Rome, in an interview with child neuropsychiatrist Laura Iuvone. We will then talk about support for families with Alzheimer’s patients with Salvatore Grammatico, head of Casa Wanda, a structure managed by Caritas. Space, therefore, to the requests to the new Parliament of Fadoi, Cnr and Cittadinanza Attiva: from health problems to those of scientific research to citizens’ rights, with the opinions of Dario Manfellotto, president of hospital internists, Daniele archibugi of the Cnr and of Anna Lisa Mandorino, National Secretary of Active Citizenship. Finally, the priorities for the respect and health of animals, in the appeal to the new Parliament of the President of Enpa, Carla Rocchi. On Rai Cultura ‘Quante Storie’, on Rai 3 Elisir, on Fuori Binario the ‘Tale’ of the CircumvesuvianaMai as in recent years understanding the United States is a complicated challenge. ‘Empire of evil or homeland of freedom?’ Giorgio Zanchini will try to answer the question with his guests Federico Rampini and Francesco Costa who talk about America today every day, measuring the distance between California and New York, revealing the contradictions of a country forced to reconcile the myth of the border and great opportunities with a socio / economic crisis that widens more and more the gap between the so-called wasp and ethnic communities. “How many stories”, the program produced by Rai Cultura broadcast on Thursday 22 September at 12.45 on Rai 3. Thursday 22 September, at 10.30 on Rai 3, ‘Elisir’ begins by talking about chronic fatigue: what are the underlying causes of this condition? In the office Laura Bazzichi, rheumatologist at the Santa Chiara Hospital in Pisa. In the foreground then defibrillators to understand how they work and in which environments it is essential that they are always present. This was explained by Francesco Prati, director of emergency and interventional cardiology at the San Giovanni Hospital in Rome. In the ‘Tell me doctor’ focus on tinnitus, a sound disorder affecting the ear that can significantly compromise the quality of life of those who suffer from it. Fabio Beatrice, otolaryngologist at the San Giovanni Bosco Hospital in Turin, answers. Finally, the hunt for fake news related to information on vaccines. To clarify Gerardo D’Amico, journalist of Rainews 24. The path of the Circumvesuviana: it follows ‘Fuori Binario’, broadcast on Thursday 22 September at 8.15 pm on Rai 5. The people who live on the slopes of Vesuvius have a nature in perpetual turmoil . To grab it, you have to cross their territory in Circumvesuviana, to stop in those villages suspended between the volcano and the sea. Closely observing rowers who left Castellammare and ‘arrived’ in Korea, with strokes of the oar, letting themselves be enchanted by papier-mâché demiurges, seducers in tank tops and Hollywood ceremonies fitters. All clinging to the territory like the irreducible brooms sung by Leopardi in his stay in Campania.



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