Chiara Ferragni flies by helicopter for an aperitif on the glacier: it is controversial

Social storm on Chiara Ferragni, flew by helicopter on a glacier for an aperitif. The famous influencer and entrepreneur showed through her Instagram stories a video in which, together with her friend Chiara Biasi and the entrepreneur Filippo Fiora, they toast with a bottle of Champagne on a glacier in Switzerland, where they arrived with the use of two helicopters. The shots were taken from the Jetperricchi page – an Instagram account that monitors the routes of these private planes, revealing the amount of carbon dioxide produced at each flight – and immediately fueled a controversy on social media, for the decidedly unsustainable choice. last August Ferragni had ended up in the eye of the storm for some shots that portrayed her with her husband Fedez while they were flying for a holiday in Ibizia always using a private jet on Instagram. But this time the situation is made even more serious by the chosen setting, that of a glacier, an environment already at risk of melting especially due to the abuse of fossil fuels. But if the criticisms are many, there are also fans who defend it, defining the words against the “gnawing” of the envious.