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Lele Mora: “Discos treated very badly, well they reopen”


“The world of discos has been treated very badly, I am happy that they will finally reopen”. So to Adnkronos Lele Mora, who, commenting on the news of the possible reopening of the discos, adds: “I hope to become the president of Silb one day, after 40 years of nightlife I deserve this position. I am working towards this goal and the first thing I would do would be to change the name of the Italian association of dance and show entertainment companies: I would call it ‘Sisiballa’, a much more fun name “. “I love this job, I’ve been going to sleep at 5 in the morning for 40 years – continues the former impresario of Fabrizio Corona – I created places like ‘Il pineta’ in Milano Marittima, thanks to which, from the former colony of Mussolini was born a real city. I managed the ‘Billionaire’ with Flavio Briatore and the ‘Hollywood’ of Milan, I know well what the closure meant and it is time for the discos to reopen, because there is the whole supply chain that has suffered from the crisis, from parking attendants to waiters to DJs to those who are simply assigned to retrieve the glasses ”. The closure of discos, according to Mora, has caused damage to the managers and the economy of the sector, but also to young people. “My last night at the disco was last July at the ‘Samsara’ in Riccione – he continues – with twenty thousand people dancing. After that evening it was closed. And yet – it can’t be understood – people enjoyed themselves and danced, even with the Italian disco genre and with Latin American dances. Now finally the young people will be able to get together again, I don’t know if with the swab at the entrance or not, for sure there will be no drugs because there will be a lot of selection. Luckily they will leave social networks for a while, where they have been stuck up to now, to find real relationships “. “The vaccine in the discos? Never! In the clubs you go to have fun” As for the possibility of getting the vaccine in the discos, Lele Mora shouts “no, never, never, it is not really the case: in the discos you go to have fun and if anything, they should have thought about it before, when they were closed, but the problem is that there were no vaccines, not like in Great Britain where Prime Minister Johnson vaccinated everyone, on the carpet, in every possible place and even in churches ”. “Personally – he adds – I believe that Covid is like all other influences, but I will do the vaccine anyway because I have to travel the world and even if I think I caught the coronavirus after the Marco Carta concert of New Year 2020, when I stayed in bed with a fever for a whole month. My long convalescence was not due to the operation for sarcoma on 23 December – he specifies – I recovered from the tumor and it was also caused by the stress of prison for which I served a fair sentence, but now I’m out and I’m fine thanks to the fact that I am a positive person and I have faith. I always think of good, never of evil. And I also do many good works, but I don’t advertise them. When I was in prison – he concludes – Padre Pio appeared to me together with a white light … I don’t know if it was a hallucination, the fact is that the next day I went out ”. (by Cristiano Camera)



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