Teatro, at the Vittoria tribute to the ‘Canova unveiled’ with the Rbr Dance Company

Another tribute to Canova in Rome, to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the death of the famous Italian sculptor and painter. At the Vittoria Theater, from 27 September to 2 October, the Rbr Dance Company with Canova Svelato, the show signed by Cristiano Fagioli for the company with original music by Diego Todesco. “The works of art of the master from Possagno will take shape in the contemporary universe – explains Cristiano Fagioli in a note – Canova will be the ‘guide’ of this scenic journey, he will be the light that will indicate the passage, he will be the voice of prophecies in a ‘visionary dancing experience. The wall of convention must be demolished, it is necessary to know how to look beyond, today “, he adds.” Even sculptures, the masters of the past, art itself can teach how to take care of our world – continues Fagioli – and only a theater steeped in evocative illusions can be the starting point for this ‘Canovian’ experience “. The show was born in collaboration with Museo Gypsotheca Antonio Canova di Possagno and is supported by the Ministry of Culture.