Venice Exhibition: cards, board games and colored umbrellas, this is how teenagers are waiting for Chalamet

Some have cards and a makeshift blanket that serves as a game table, others checkers, some chess, still others simple magazines to pass the time. Almost all of them are equipped with colored umbrellas to shelter from the scorching sun, which does not weaken their enthusiasm even a little. It is the equipment of the hundreds of teenagers who have arrived in Venice to see, even for a moment, their idol Timothée Chalamet parading on the red carpet of the Lido. In front of the Palazzo del Cinema a colorful and scenographic expanse of young people who shade each other, joke, some make friends. “We come from Lecce, we traveled 13 hours by train”, a girl tells Adnkronos. “We are from Rieti, but nothing stopped us”, add two friends next door. There are those who have the photos of the actor in their hands, others a school diary where he hopes to get his autograph, and all – none excluded – are equipped with a mobile phone to fix the ‘historic’ moment in their memory. The French star, undoubtedly the most awaited at the Lido so far, will walk the red carpet together with the director and the cast before the official screening in the Sala Grande of ‘Bones and All’ by Luca Guadagnino, the first Italian film to enter Competition at the Venice Film Festival. Venice.