Venice 2022, the journalist overwhelmed by Cate Blanchett becomes a hero on social media

Journalist Mattia Carzaniga is the hero of the day on social media, after being overwhelmed yesterday on the red carpet of the Venice Film Festival by Cate Blanchett, the most anticipated star of the second day of the event. The frames in which Mattia, a Rolling Stones film journalist but host of the direct from the red carpet for Rai Movie, is hit by the actress and reacts with a very courteous ‘Thank you’ and adoring eyes have become a meme on social media. The video bounced everywhere with lots of amused comments from users who are willing to be overwhelmed by the Australian actress. There were also many comments from famous people, starting with the mayor of Milan, Beppe Sala, who wrote to the journalist that the actress “obviously did it on purpose”. “Well, becoming a meme with Cate Blanchett isn’t for everyone. There are much uglier ways to end up in a viral video,” laughed Carzaniga at Adnkronos. “This thing makes me laugh a lot because I use social media a lot but in recent years mainly as an observer, for work. Now I only post photos of dogs. And ending up in this thing gave me the measure of the unstoppable mechanism that is activated in these cases, “he added. Yesterday, the journalist had just finished interviewing the Australian actress, who then turned to greet the crowd crowded behind the red carpet barriers. But turning again to gain the entrance to the Great Hall of the Palazzo del Cinema, where the screening of ‘Tar’, the film in competition in which she stars as a famous ‘harassing’ conductor, was waiting for her, she bumped into Carzaniga. “I didn’t understand at first, then I saw her and I would repeat that adoring ‘Thank you’ a thousand times over”, assured the journalist.