• Wed. Oct 27th, 2021

At the Napoleonic Museum in Rome the exhibition ‘Last act’ on exile and death


May 5, 2021

On the occasion of the 200th anniversary of the death of Napoleon Bonaparte, the Napoleonic Museum of Rome opens – which preserves a nucleus of materials of important historical value, never presented in its entirety, linked to the events of the emperor’s exile and death in Sant’Elena as well as those concerning the return of her remains to Paris in 1840 – the exhibition ‘Napoleon, last act: exile, death, memory’, which will remain open until 9 January next year. The exhibition, curated by Elena Camilli Giammei, is promoted by Roma Culture, the Capitoline Superintendence for Cultural Heritage. Organization of Zetema Progetto Cultura. On the occasion of the exhibition, the Amici dei Musei di Roma association financed the conservation maintenance intervention of the series of lithographs depicting the return of Napoleon’s ashes to Paris in 1840, the focus of the final section. The exhibition, the organizers explain, ” illustrates the epilogue of the Napoleonic parable through an evocative visual story, constructed through a rich iconographic corpus of sculptural and numismatic prints, paintings and effigies “. The exhibition itinerary, which consists of 85 pieces, is divided into four sections: Sant’Elena, the last island; relics from exile; ‘Il n’est plus’; the return of the ashes to Paris in 1840. The selected material comes entirely from the collections of the Napoleonic Museum.