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Francesco Facchinetti operated: “Now I’m fine”


“They operated on me, now I’m fine”. Francesco Facchinetti, from his Instagram profile, takes stock of his health conditions after his absence from social networks. “In recent days I have not posted anything because I have had several very annoying problems concerning my health. I went to the hospital, nothing very serious: they operated on me, they sent me back home, I’m alive and well and unfortunately for you I’m still here ”, he says from his Instagram profile. “Coming home, I thought how incredible all the people who work in the hospital were: doctors, nurses, doctors, professors. They solve problems that are not as serious as mine but they also save lives. On Google I checked how much a doctor earns on average: 1700 euros per month. Some may say that there are not a few. Let’s compare the figure with what those who complicate our lives earn, the politicians: about 14,000 euros a month… ”, he adds.

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