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Sharon Stone to ‘Che tempo che fa’: “I made my mom smoke weed”


“I made my mom smoke weed.” Sharon Stone tells it in connection with Fabio Fazio’s show ‘Che tempo che fa’. “My mother – she says – was curious about the fact that we brothers smoked weed and she told us: ok, you have to explain to me why. So we told her, sit down and we’ll explain it to you. But a priest was coming to our house and then she got to spray the disinfectant, he started running around the house, spraying it to us too, saying we had to look normal. I tried to explain to my mom that God sees you wherever you are, you can’t hide “. The actress also returns to the success obtained with the film ‘Basic Instinct’ and the famous scene in which she bewitches Michael Douglas during an interrogation: “I think I have understood over time that that moment changed everyone else’s life. I don’t think that it changed my life, but the people and the way they treated me. That behavior wasn’t about me, it was about others. It was the first time I was doing a major movie with a big star like Michael Douglas. ” Sharon Stone also talks about the ‘Me too’ movement and the way it has changed the world of cinema, “not just Hollywood. I think it has had a global impact, ‘Me too’ is also in Italy, isn’t it? to a time when women have a chance to tell the truth and expect people to behave correctly. ” And on Italy: “I love Italy, I really like Italians and I am a huge fan of Pope Francis. I think he is a Pope who wanted to include everyone, not just Catholics, and who is trying to make his own better to do good. I had the fantastic opportunity to work with him on fundraising for South Sudan, it was really exciting. Whenever I have the opportunity to create health facilities with the Vatican or the Red Cross, that is very active in Italy, I am proud. I think that Italians always try to make an effort to ensure care and prosperity not only for the Italian people, but much more for immigrants who come from many countries. I have also worked with Bocelli and his foundation to help people after the earthquake tragedy, I worked with so many fantastic people in Italy “.



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