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From the royal family to the Clooney spouses, France is fashionable in the summer


From the Grand Dukes of Luxembourg to Queen Margrethe of Denmark, from the Clooney spouses to Hollywood stars John Malkovich, Brad Pitt, to singer Bono, to the Swedish royal family. France is in fashion this summer. Indeed she has always been. Land of enchantment chosen by some royal families and representatives of the jet set not only to spend the summer holidays, but also to invest in agricultural land and above all in wine. Selected destinations, as in the case of Félix and Claire of Luxembourg, Provence (she inherited the property of Chateau les Crostes in Lorgues from her wealthy family of German-born entrepreneurs, the Lademacher), Provence and the Atlantic coast where they are produced excellent reds. George and Amal Clooney have chosen, last year in full pandemic even for the little ones Ella and Alexander, to buy a splendid 18th century mansion, about 170 hectares of land and natural vegetation with an immense swimming pool, in the Var region in Brignoles . The great American actor and the international lawyer were not the only ones to fall under the charm of Provence. Star Wars director George Lucas had already taken up residence in Chateau Margui since 2017, while Brad Pitt, oblivious to the painful divorce from his wife Angelina Jolie, has seen fit not to part with the splendid property of Miraval in Correns, where between other had been celebrated the wedding of the year of the couple Brangelina. About 800 hectares of ‘organic’ cultivated fields and vineyards. Only organic farming for Chateau Margui, the flagship of Provence, the only winery in the region reserved exclusively for whites with a rosé champagne (Fleur de Miraval), signed by Jolie-Pitt, who knows if still on the market. “Living in Provence, in the countryside – Brad Pitt confessed in an interview – is the most enjoyable time of the year. Basically I feel like a farmer and not an actor”. An almost obligatory and strongly desired choice also for the American actor John Malkovich who for years has chosen the Lubéron region for his French exile, as well as the director Ridley Scott, while Mick Jagger had already opted for the vallée de la Loire, the castle of Fourchette, an 18th century residence not far from Amboise. French art de vivre for the Rolling Stone singer who, in an interview with a BBC journalist, said: “I recommend to all those who are very tired and stressed after a week of work to move and move to France”. In unsuspecting times, Prince Frederik of Denmark (born Laborde de Monpezat), consort of Queen Margrethe of Denmark, had decided back in 1974 to return to his (French) origins by purchasing the 15th century castle of Cayx in southern France. with adjoining wine estate, which over the years has become a point of reference and meeting place for members of the royal family who love to get together in the summer to spend carefree days together.Next to Margrethe of Denmark, their children Frederick and Joachim, their respective spouses Mary and Marie , the nephews Christian, Isabelle, the twins Vincent and Joséphine alongside Nikolai, Felix, Henrik and Athena. The property is open to the public, produces over 150 thousand bottles of excellent live wines, of course for sale and always present on the table at the Christiansbourg Palace, during meetings and official lunches.France has not only enchanted the prince consort of the Queen of Denmark, it is became the land of choice for the family of the Grand Duke of Luxembourg. Like every year, holidays by the sea and in absolute relaxation, far from the obligations of the palace, in the Nassau residence in Tour Sarrazine in Cabasson, not far from Borne – les – Mimosa in Provence, neighbor of the house of the couple Emmanuel and Brigitte Macron, with children and grandchildren, for the Grand Duke Henri and his wife of Cuban origin Maria Teresa Mestre. With them Guillaume with his wife Countess Stéphanie de Lannoy and the heir to the throne, Charles Jean Philippe Joseph Marie, Félix with his wife Claire Margareta Lademacher and the little ones Amalia Gabriela and Liam Henri, Louis with Gabriel Michel and Louis Ronny next to Alexandra Joséphine and Sébastian Henri. Heads crowned again in France in this very hot summer. Unmissable appointments for Carl XVI Gustav of Sweden and his consort Queen Silvia in the villa of Mirage de Saint-Maxime, in the Vendée for the kings of Belgium, King Philippe and Queen Mathilde, while William and Kate love to meet up with friends in the castle of Pouydraguin in the Gers region in the Pyrenees. In recent years, however, it has been mainly the British who have converted to the charm of France. A passion that everyone confesses to be profound and unavoidable, for many an excellent viaticum against the ‘mal de vivre’. The singer Sting (Senlis, in the north of Paris), the former bad boys Pete Doherty and his wife, the director Katia de Vidas, (Etrat in Normandy), Hugh Grant (Eygalières in Provence), unforgettable interpreter of ‘Quattro weddings and a funeral ‘,’ Notting Hill ‘.


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