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‘Celestinian forgiveness’ with the Pope, opens Diodato and closes Baglioni


It will be an extraordinary ‘Celestinian Forgiveness’, because for the first time in the history of the Church the Holy Door in L’Aquila will be opened by a pontiff, expected by Pope Francis in the Abruzzo capital on August 28, with the solemn mass and the recitation of the Angelus. worldwide from the Basilica of Collemaggio. But the whole event, from 23 to 30 August, presents a rich program also from an artistic point of view, with a musical program that will open with Diodato and close with Claudio Baglioni. Now in its 728th edition from what was the first Jubilee in history, as well as its 40th edition in the modern version, the ‘Celestinian Forgiveness’ – as illustrated by the mayor of L’Aquila Pierluigi Biondi, president of the organizing committee – will have a ‘prologue’ on August 19th. with the inauguration of the front staircase to the Holy Door which replaces the old escarpment, thanks to the use in record time of the funds of the Pnrr but with some protests by the environmental association Italia Nostra, declassified by the first citizen to “explosion controversy delayed “and” time bomb placed when things go in a certain direction. ” future to those who have shown “their commitment in favor of the weakest, in defense of rights and for the promotion of a dialogue between different cultures”. On 23 August the ‘Parade of the Bull of Forgiveness’ will take place in the historic center of L’Aquila; on the 24th the special edition of the ‘Premio del Perdono’; on 25 August, the Presentation of the Cross of Forgiveness and the Pastoral Care of Forgiveness; on August 28 the visit of Pope Francis and the opening of the Holy Door; on 29 August the closing of the Holy Door and the parade for the return of the Bull of Forgiveness. The artistic program – for which a budget of 620,000 euros has been allocated – will open on 23 August at Collemaggio with the ‘Canto per la Rinascita’ conducted by Lorena Bianchetti, which will see the participation of Diodato, Roberto Vecchioni, Anna Foglietta, Daniele Pecci; on 24 August the Gran Gala of international Etoliles with Eleonora Abbagnato as testimonial; on 25 August ‘L’Aquila Suona’ with music, theater, dance and art events; on 26 August the concert in Piazza Duomo of Fabri Fibra; on August 30 the final evening with Claudio Baglioni and his concert, for which the evocative title of ‘Peace to us’ was chosen. (by Enzo Bonaiuto)


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