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Finding the right partner is not easy, but it is even less so for some species that seem to have everything against. In the fifth episode of “Superquark”, broadcast tomorrow at 21.25 on Rai 1, the journey into the game of seduction continues with BBC documentaries and we discover which animal species manage to survive although they have very little chance of success in courtship: some have to look for a partner where it is almost impossible to find one, others have to adapt to a totally different world than their parents’ or to be able to reproduce they have developed some of the most extraordinary strategies in nature. Then there is an in-depth look at the thyroid, a small but very important gland whose properties are known but its true self-regulation mechanisms are less known. Today there is an all-Italian project to find out how it works. Barbara Bernardini’s report goes to the discovery of the “black box” of the thyroid. A new technique will reveal how hormones are actually produced. The Roccapelago site is a unique find for Italy. For the mummies of Roccapelago it is not a question, as often happened, of the voluntary mummi fi cation of a social group, but of the natural conservation of part of the community buried between the second half of the 1500s and the 1700s. Since the discovery in 2010, extraordinary possibilities of study have opened up for researchers and scientists. Creating new molecules, inventing new drugs, and testing them in record time is the revolution that “computational chemistry” offers us today. Barbara Bernardini explains how. A new environmental emergency: microplastics, particles invisible to the naked eye that invade the waters of our lakes. Marco Visalberghi went to Lake Bracciano with the researchers. Barbara Galavotti and Daniela Franco went to Parma, where the RIS and researchers of the University joined together to unravel an ancient mystery: the true causes of the premature death of the great leader Alessandro Farnese. Guests of Piero Angela in the studio for the columns: in “Science in the kitchen” doctor Elisabetta Bernardi will talk about microbiota transplantation with Paola Toscano; in “Behind the scenes of history” Professor Alessandro Barbero will tell about the animals decorated at value; in “Psychology of a hoax” with Massimo Polidoro we will talk about the dangerous online hatred. In the late evening Piero Angela continues with ” Superquak Natura ”:“ The impossible challenges ”, this is the theme of the third complete episode of the BBC series” The secrets of survival “. For over half a century they have announced the programs of Italian television with a smile. Fulvia Colombo, Nicoletta Orsomando, Rosanna Vaudetti, Maria Giovanna Elmi, Mariolina Cannuli are just some of the announcers who have made TV history. From the mystery around the first announcement to the anecdotes behind the famous nicknames, “Storie della Tv” – the Rai Cultura program with the advice and participation of Aldo Grasso, broadcast tomorrow at 21.10 on Rai Storia – proposes the portrait of these women and tells a role that no longer exists. The “good evening ladies” as the press of the time called them, have represented the face of Rai for years. In addition to the announcements, the weather forecasts and the summaries of the previous episodes, many of them link their name to the conduct of programs that have entered the history of Italian television: Games without Borders, the New Year’s Concert, the Almanac of the day after and even some editions of the Sanremo Festival, becoming regular and much loved appearances on the small screen Rai Cultura remembers Maestro Gianluigi Gelmetti one year after his death with Gioachino Rossini’s La gazza ladra from the Rossini Municipal Theater in Pesaro, broadcast tomorrow at 9.15 pm on Rai 5. Maestro Gianluigi Gelmetti on the podium. In the cast Roberto Coviello Luciana D’Intino William Matteuzzi Katia Ricciarelli Ferruccio Furlanetto. Theatrical direction Michael Hampe, TV direction Carlo Battistoni. On Rai1 ‘Lo smemorato di Collegno’ – on Rai5 ‘Next stop America’ The “Smemorato di Collegno” is the name that, in 1927, the press gave to a man imprisoned by a year in the famous asylum of the town near Turin. A character remembered by Paolo Mieli with Professor Lisa Roscioni at “Past and Present”, broadcast tomorrow at 1.15pm on Rai 3 and at 8.30pm on Rai Storia. Like many in post-war Italy, he says he doesn’t remember anything about his identity, nor about his past. The Great War ended less than ten years ago and there is no shortage of missing persons or veterans affected by amnesia. But the case of the forgetful fills the news and divides public opinion of the time. After the publication of his photo in the column on the disappeared of a weekly with a very large national circulation, in fact, two women claim him as husband and father of their children. And while, with one of them, the forgetful one builds a new life, the legal case begins that more than any other fascinates Italy of the twenty-year period. Forgetful Victim of War, or Faithful Swindler? Through Connecticut and Vermont to the Canadian border, to discover rural America and the regions that played a key role in the birth of the United States. In this episode of “Next Stop America”, broadcast tomorrow at 8.15 pm on Rai 5, Michael Portillo’s train journey along the North American rail routes suggested by the Appleton’s Guide, from the late nineteenth century, continues in Connecticut, and then continue to Vermont, to discover the history of this region, which played a key role in the birth of the country. The journey ends in Upstate New York, the “gateway” to Canada. Double appointment with the series “Little history of music”, broadcast tomorrow from 19.05 on Rai 5. In the first episode, Restagno tackles the origins of instrumental music . In the studio the instrumental group composed by Giancarlo Parodi on organ, Lee Robert Mosca on viola da gamba and Maria Rezzo on harpsichord performs.Afterwards, Enzo Restagno and harpsichordist Emilia Fadini talk about French and Italian instrumental music of the eighteenth century, about the harpsichord , its technical characteristics and its history, and the peculiarities of the music of Francois Couperin and Domenico Scarlatti. Fadini performs the following pieces on the harpsichord: Vingt cinquieme ordre – La visionaire by Francois Couperin, and Sonata in E major by Domenico Scarlatti. On Rai3 the French comedy ‘A son suddenly’ – on Rai5 ‘Tintoretto, the first director’ son suddenly ”is the title of the film that Rai 3 will broadcast tomorrow at 10 pm, for the first-run TV cycle entitled“ C’est la comédie ”. Directed by Vincent Lobelle and Sébastien Thiéry, the comedy stars Christian Clavier, Catherine Frot, Sébastien Thiéry. The plot: returning home, the Prioux spouses discover that a certain Patrick has moved into their home. Patrick claims to be their son and to have returned to introduce him to his girlfriend, but the Prioux have never had any children. Who is really Patrick? A liar? A manipulator? Or have the Prioux forgotten that they have a child? Afterwards, at 11.45 pm, the film “The shape of water” will be broadcast, for the cycle “The voice of the stars”. Guillermo Del Toro’s award-winning film stars Sally Hawkins, Michael Shannon, Doug Jones Octavia Spencer Richard Jenkins (vo with Italian subtitles). The plot: We are in Baltimore, in the sixties. During the Cold War period, Elisa, a deaf-mute girl, works as a cleaner in the Occam Aerospace Research Center, where a mysterious being has just arrived considered as a strategic and fundamental research experiment: an amphibious man, captured in Amazonia. Trapped in a life of silence and isolation, the woman begins a relationship made of gestures, kindness and looks with her strange creature. An imaginative and visually striking film that tells a compelling love story. The film won the 2018 Academy Award for best film, the Golden Lion at the 2017 Venice Film Festival, the 2018 Golden Globe for best director. Tintoretto, the great architect of the Italian Renaissance, deeply marked the artistic face of Venice. Restless painter, he was able to amaze his clients with surprising ideas, also thanks to the great speed with which he executed his works. Erminio Perocco’s documentary “Tintoretto, the first director” is dedicated to him, broadcast tomorrow at 19.20 on Rai 5. The film retraces the artist’s biography and describes the technical innovations of his painting that have exerted a profound and constant influence on the history of art, and left tangible traces in the works of artists such as Peter Paul Rubens, El Greco, Max Beckmann and Jackson Pollock. Paul Cezanne, on behalf of all, defined him as the idol of painting: “His work is immense, it includes everything from still life to God. It is a huge Noah’s ark; I would have moved to Venice only for him! “. The documentary leaves no doubts on Tintoretto’s modernity, on the audacity of his brushstrokes, on the complexity of the stories told in his gigantic paintings, on his strategies that today we would define as marketing. Directed by Erminio Perocco, photography by Giovanni Andreotta, music by Teho Teardo, produced by Kublai Film Rai Cultura remembers Maestro Gianluigi Gelmetti one year after his death with Gioachino Rossini’s La gazza ladra from the Rossini Municipal Theater in Pesaro, broadcast tomorrow at 9.15 pm on Rai 5. Maestro Gianluigi Gelmetti will be on the podium. In the cast Roberto Coviello Luciana D’Intino William Matteuzzi Katia Ricciarelli Ferruccio Furlanetto. Theatrical direction Michael Hampe, TV direction Carlo Battistoni.


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