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Rai: changes to tomorrow’s TV programs


These are the Rai variations of tomorrow’s TV programs: RAI 110: 20 Green Line Summer from South to North – Maratea RAI 215: 40 Castle: “The pigeon and the quail”, “Ancora” and “The human factor” 18:05 TG2 LIS01 : 50 (instead of 02:00) Saw 403: 15 La Piovra 405: 15 9JKL – Uncomfortable neighbors Hypochondria05: 30 PilotiRAI 315: 00 TG3 LIS15: 05 Political Elections 2022: Round table with representatives of political forces present in Parliament. Curated by Rai Parliament. FORCE ITALY; FOR AUTONOMIES (SVP-PATT, UV); FREE AND EQUAL – ARTICLE 1 – ITALIAN LEFT; DEMOCRATIC PARTY 15:50 Italy journey into beauty. The forger’s shop. Stories of fakes in the twentieth century16: 45 (instead of 16:55) Overland 14 – The Caucasus17: 45 Geo Magazine19: 00 TG3 (Cuttlefish bones expected at 15:05 will not air) 01:40 (instead of 01:50) The Creation of Frankenstein Chapter 402: 20 RaiNews24


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