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The ability and the desire to listen, Marzullo from medicine to TV


(by Veronica Marino) “Death bothers me. I don’t accept it. It is useless for them to try to convince me.” The tone is calm, ‘softly’, but the passion of living “on the track of work and love” is ardent. He is Gigi Marzullo, the well-known TV presenter of ‘Mezzanotte and surroundings’ first and of ‘Sottovoce’ then, on Rai1. I do not think there is anyone in Italy who does not know his questions, “simple and direct”, he says, but “not trivial”, because the intersection with the other is profound and listening to the answers is “authentic” and becomes always an opportunity for “growth, a real help. Each interview, and I have really done thousands, has enriched me, has allowed me to understand myself more”. And so it is not surprising that, in this conversation with Adnkronos, made while he is traveling around Italy to present his latest book ‘Life is a dream’, Marzullo says with such confidence: “No one regrets. Yes, I wanted to to be an actor, a doctor, but then … “. Then he actually became a doctor. Surgeon to be exact and on a stage at the bottom has risen. What is TV if not this too? The difference, however, was that he interpreted it in his own way, creating a genre. ‘Marzullo-style questions’ draw attention to the essence of the character, out of the scripts, both those in the films and those we play a little in life. “It is already difficult to understand what you want to do in life – and I, in fact, understood it along the way – that when it happens you are lucky. If you manage to make it happen, you are even more lucky. conductor, I would have been a psychiatrist, because I am very fascinated by the so-called mentally ill. Yes, I would have tried to lend a hand to people who I think are much more sensitive than the norm and are unable to cope with their own lives. And by doing so, as happens when you really listen and meet the other, I would have helped myself too “. The title chosen for his program suits Gigi, the man. ‘In a low voice’, because “shouting is useless, you can say things in a low voice that others scream and, instead, saying them in a low voice maybe they get better, they leave room for reasoning. I believe – he adds – that sometimes silence is the most profound explanation we have. It can be. A moment of silence is enough to say things that if they had been said in a shouted way, they would not have had the same power as silence “. Silence is a space in music. A space between words, so that they can make themselves heard. And Gigi Marzullo loves to listen and know: “Each of us, before making his profession, is what he is. And what he is, is the thing that interests me most, because what the other is, is precisely what made that person carry out that profession and become the character who is in front of me, of us “. The essence is the point, that despite the frills, the lipsticks, the masks of the veils, it remains firm inside and peeps out, at times, thanks to those who dare to ask unusual questions. “Telling one’s life is telling oneself and it excites. Those who are shy and reserved, do not want to talk about themselves. I think of Massimo Troisi. It was not easy to be able to interview him. I succeeded thanks to my partner at the time, Clarissa Burt. But it was not the only case in which I struggled. This is why it often happened to me to be amazed when my guest opened up so much during the interview. ” “I believe – says Marzullo – that this happened because my interlocutor perceived that on my part there was a genuine interest in knowing him, it was not ‘profession’. This makes me think – Marzullo reflects aloud and my mind goes to ‘ Sliding doors’ – that if I had been a psychiatrist I would have reached the pass, because I am really intrigued by others, by life “. A curiosity that continues if, after having interviewed celebrities including Alda Merini, Ennio Morricone, Charles Aznavour, Alberto Sordi, Vittorio Gasmann, Luciano Pavarotti, Anthony Quinn and many others still wonderfully present such as Sophia Loren, Isabelle Allende and Roberto Benigni , he is keen to say: “I will want to die working. Then for me my work is not work, it is a pleasure. Certainly it does not depend only on me, but I will give it my all”. Well there are encounters that open the mind and heart. “I would like a dose of Benigni every day – he writes in his book – as medicine. He creates an atmosphere of celebration and in the meantime administers depth. The Benigni who takes Carrà in his arms and what Dante reads are both good. ‘is always his humanity “, he says, thus giving a strong weight to these seven letters. So I ask in a low voice, are we still ‘human’? “From the economic boom to today, things have changed and we have with them. Just think that we have reached war. Nevertheless, I think that humanity is more predisposed to good than to evil, but evil is there. And when there is. is you have to face it trying to defeat it “. And a little Benigni a day, would it be enough? “Benigni is like bread that comes out of the oven. It is good. Benigni is good. He is never in bad faith”. I say it might be enough.


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