• Fri. Oct 22nd, 2021

Johnny Dorelli to Postenews: “Let’s get vaccinated, everyone must do their part”


May 5, 2021

In collaboration with Postenews Giorgio studied in a very tough musical college while his father performed in concerts and sang on the radio, the same where Mike Bongiorno worked as a radio commentator. It would have been the great Mike who would have given the talented little boy the opportunity to sing at the Brooklyn Academy. Giorgio is the beloved Johnny Dorelli, who has recently published his autobiography. And, interviewed by Postenews, he talked about his artistic life and current life, underlining the importance of vaccination to defeat the pandemic. In the book “What a fantastic life” there are many anecdotes, not only in the entertainment world. What effect did it have on you to retrace your life? “It was nice, it’s something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. In a way, I relived my American youth and I found myself very well remembering the postwar years, when I left for New York. I cried when I went there but I also cried when I returned to Italy. America leaves a mark, New York gives you the best you can have as schools too. I love my city, which is Meda not Milan, but I believe that all my artistic fortune is linked to the period I lived in the United States “. The book came out in the midst of the pandemic. Would you add a chapter to tell the incredible moment we are living? With what feelings did you live this year also thinking of Lombardy, its Meda and its Milan? “It’s a terrible time. It is not easy to accept that you cannot go out. Also, people my age need to be especially careful not to have dangerous contacts and also not to get injured. Fortunately, as I was over eighty, I was vaccinated early. ”Poste Italiane is also at the forefront of the vaccination campaign, with the commitment to distribute vaccines to regions and to allow reservations in different regions through its system. What do you think of this commitment? “It is a very difficult moment for our country: I think that everyone’s help is important and that each of us can do his part by always keeping our guard up and respecting the rules. Let’s get vaccinated, then. I also think of the many workers, including postmen, who continued to provide their service during the pandemic. It must not have been easy. ”This is a very difficult time for the world of culture and for those in entertainment. What does it mean to all the people who live with cinema and theater? “The world of entertainment is living this moment with a strong handicap. Having to work without an audience, maintaining certain rhythms, is very difficult. We work in abstract conditions: for those who make theater and cinema, calculating what happens requires crazy additional work “.