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Buccellato: “Giulia bullied won Amici with the strength of her passion”


“It reached a million fans. Maybe it never happened in Amici’s history. When she arrived at my school she was only 3 years old, she didn’t speak, she just wanted to dance. Her victory moves me and makes me proud. She won a clean girl, bullied as a child, who fought with the strength of dance and passion “. Flaminia Buccellato, founder and director of the Buccellato-Rossi Academy, teacher of Giulia Stabile’s winner for 15 years, last night on Canale 5 of the 2021 edition of ‘Amici’, remembers her young student with these words to Adnkronos. Roman, mother originally from Barcelona, ​​Giulia Stabile has beaten all the competitors and also her boyfriend Sangiovanni singer. “After her mother, Giulia called me – adds Flaminia Buccellato – ‘Director I still don’t understand what happened, but I want to go back to studying. Because Giulia is a workaholic. She can stay in the room for 6-7 hours. Solar, empathetic person. , she had many problems as a child. They said she was ugly, not particularly intelligent, I heard her voice for the first time at the age of 13. She closed in on herself even in the room, always at the back, insecure, afraid of appearing – she remembers her teacher – Giulia was just very, very sensitive and very artist. You have to understand her, enter her world. That’s what I’ve done all these years “.” I trusted her as a teacher – continues the director of ABR, historical assistant of Franca Bartolomei internationally renowned director and choreographer – Her determination, then, her dedication did the rest, her love for dance saved her. Giulia can be an example for many of her peers, she is not an case he has over a million of followers. Very popular on social media, Giulia is viral, she has created a parallel media universe with a strong impact on the younger generations “.” A grueling test ‘Friends’ this year – continues Flaminia Buccellato – Twelve auditions before finally joining the cast of the show. A sort of ‘Big Brother’, they never left the house. I confess that at first I feared for the emotional hold, but Giulia made it. She has overcome fears and shyness, she is clean, genuine, without filters, like all the young people who participated this year in Maria De Filippi’s program, she is not perfect, she still has to work. But his victory gives us another laurel. She won a woman and in the dance category. Perhaps it had never happened to Amici. Maria chose polite respectful clean boys who supported each other. It’s a nice message “.



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