• Fri. Jan 21st, 2022

Vauro defends Pio and Amedeo: “ Hypocritical controversy, satire is incorrect by definition ”


May 5, 2021

The controversy that has been unleashed over the monologue of Pio and Amedeo ” is hypocritical. Satire is by definition incorrect. ” This is what cartoonist Vauro Senesi says to Adnkronos, defending the comic duo and explaining that ” every language is understandable in its context. In satirical language that can be close to comic one, politically incorrect is an essential ingredient, bringing certain clichés up to their paradox is one of the mechanisms of satire. ‘In the satirical context – Vauro continues – the language is clear, those who use it know very well that this is a deliberately altered language, grotesque and paradoxical. Political language is another thing. If terms such as ‘negro’ or ‘fagot’ are used in political language, the meaning, being the context entirely different, is completely distorted. While satirical language can even cause the effect of stigmatizing these clichés – concludes the cartoonist – in political language instead there is often the will to perpetrate them (clichés, ed) to chase the famous ‘bellies’ “, he concludes. (by Alisa Toaff)