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Baglioni turns 70, fans give him a mural in Centocelle


“How do you fight time? You can still beat in time to the music.” It is one of the passages of the thank you post that Claudio Baglioni published in the night, immediately after turning 70 at midnight, to thank the fans who have not limited themselves to thousands of messages of good wishes and love for his music but have also honored with a mural, whose photo was published on social networks by the artist. In the district of Centocelle, where Baglioni spent his adolescence and took his first artistic steps, a large mural was created with the face of the singer-songwriter and the words of ‘Stradaendo’. The work was carried out on the wall of Casa San Felice, a family home run by the parish priest of the church of the same name in the Roman quarter (in Piazza di S. Felice da Cantalice, 20). Read also The staff of (reference site for Baglioni fans) and the numerous followers have joined forces with the street artist Mauro Palotta, aka Maupal, to create a celebratory mural in a symbolic place for Claudio Baglioni . And Baglioni wrote a long letter on his social networks to thank them: “It’s an indescribable surprise. But how did you come up with it?!? In the neighborhood where I was a child and adolescent. In Centocelle, where I became a boy. In the square in which I climbed, for the first time, on a stage without remotely imagining what would happen next. On a wall of the San Felice family home right in front of that stage of the past. You thought it beautiful. A great thing for a good cause. My appreciation and gratitude do not have sufficient and adequate voice and words. It is a bizarre and amazing feeling. And, for once in a while, it is really nice to be ‘banged on a wall’. “” A wall – Baglioni continues – who in those years I feared would rise forever between me and all the others and who today bears witness to an encounter that has lasted ever since. A set of little stories that have been lived or never known that life has narrated in everyone’s novel of n oi. At the same time I thank those who have remembered me and my next age with different gifts and thoughts. They are many in number and each with his signature and his imagination. I would like to say my good to everyone because I would not be able to give it. We grow up and grow up but we never stop being shy and shy. How do you fight time? You can still beat it in time to the music. On the passing of time “, concludes the artist.

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