• Sat. Oct 16th, 2021

Giulia wins the twentieth edition of ‘Amici’


May 15, 2021

The dancer Giulia won the twentieth edition of Amici, after a challenge of the heart, with her boyfriend-rival Sangiovanni, the great favorite of the eve. And it was awarded the prize of 150,000 euros in gold tokens. The two had been declared category winners (he for singing, she for dancing) at the beginning of the evening, when Sangiovanni had beaten the other two finalist singers, Deddy and Aka7even, in the first heat, and Giulia had prevailed on the dancer Alessandro. “Would you have ever thought of challenging yourself in the final?” Asked Maria De Filippi before decreeing the winner. “He had written it to me in a note: see you in the final”, confessed Giulia. Giulia, born in 2002, was born in Rome. She started ballet at the age of 3, later deepened her study of modern and joined Nough Megacrew. Giulia has joined ‘Amici’ since the debut of this season (November 2020) dancing “TKN” by Rosalia and Travis Scott. Giulia, within the school, has made a path of professional but also emotional growth, managing to dissect the reason for her insecurities and her not believing in herself. Giulia has always won the Tim Prize, resulting in the most voted student by the studio audience, and also won the final Tim Prize. Sangiovanni, stage name of Giovanni Pietro, born in 2003, was born in Vicenza. He arrived in the final strong of 16 consecutive weeks of permanence in the top 100 singles Fimi with “Lady” and currently still in third place in the standings; 11 weeks with “All night” and 5 with “Hype”, collecting a platinum record (“Lady”) and two gold records (“All night” and “Guccy Bag”). Just turned 18, Sangiovanni already has a Platinum record, two Gold records and over 2 million monthly listeners on Spotify Italia. His “Lady” continues to be in the top 5 Fimi with over 25 million streams and currently has 3 songs in the top 100 and a total of over 50 million streams. He entered the school since the debut of this edition (November 2020) presenting the unpublished “Guccy Bag”, Gold certified, and soon revealing his great skills as a songwriter and performer. During the journey in ‘Amici’ Sangiovanni has published five unreleased songs: “Guccy Bag”, produced by Bias, “Lady”, produced by Zef and certified Platinum with over 70 thousand copies sold, “All the night”, produced by DRD and Bias and Gold Disc certified, “Hype”, produced by Zef and “Malibu”, produced by Dardust. Sangiovanni has already signed a contract with the Sugar record label and on Friday 14th May he released his first EP “Sangiovanni”. And on the final evening he also won the Tim Critics Award, assigned by a jury of journalists. He was also awarded the Radio Award (awarded by the main commercial broadcasters) for the song ‘Malibù’ and the Siae Award for the best text. In addition to the category prize for singing worth 50,000 euros.