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Covid vaccine, Pieraccioni: “After the dose, Ceccherini appeared to me dressed as a woman”


“I just had the vaccine, a fantastic experience: Ceccherini dressed as a woman has already appeared to me. I have also heard rumors, one was from Cecchi Gori, one from my uncle. I also changed my sexual tastes: in short, I I think it’s an experience to do for what it leaves you, big changes “. This is how Leonardo Pieraccioni jokes with reporters, just after being vaccinated at the hub of the Mandela Forum in Florence. The Tuscan director then added: “Today I was thrilled to come here to Mandela, because the last time I came here we hugged and laughed at each other. The best thing will be to come back and hug each other, because the thing that more has been missed in this year and the embrace. I hope that with the vaccine we will finally do it again. “” The pandemic is such a terrible, dangerous and ugly thing that it will take ten years to tell it lightly in a comedy. the films that are being made do not seem to exist, that they are not talked about, evidently it is a way of exorcising this terrible pandemic on the part of those who make films “. On his next film, postponed due to the pandemic, the Tuscan director added: “I will shoot my film on June 15, (‘The Sex of the Angels’, ed.), So next year people will be safe. As early as September people should be more relaxed about going to the cinema, and even more I hope they will be in January or February, when my film should be out. ” “Obviously – concludes Pieraccioni – we are on the set with all the necessary precautions, I believe I have already done 168 swabs”.

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