• Wed. Oct 27th, 2021

Maglie: “Rula Jebreal who, the one who said to Nicola Porro ‘shut up, you white man’?”


May 15, 2021

“There is no worse enemy than the cause of equality of women who deserve it than characters like Rula Jebreal. Let’s not forget that she is the one who told the journalist and colleague Nicola Porro ‘shut up, white man’. Who is racist, who is is it classist? “. This is the opinion of the journalist Maria Giovanna Maglie who thus comments to the Adnkronos the refusal, accompanied by burning controversies, of Rula Jebreal to participate last night in the broadcast ‘Propaganda Live’ due to a complained small presence of female participation. “Women go on television, they are guests, today they are often also conductors. Does this mean that information is on a par? No, not yet, it is a battle to continue and conclude. But the turn it has taken in recent times whatever the battle for equality and emancipation is profoundly instrumental “, underlines Maglie. “Whether it concerns homosexuals, which concerns the presence of women, the real attempt is to prevent freedom of expression and, if you allow, also the invitation of the women who are interested in that episode.” “In this regard, I read that in countries in which an unfortunate law such as the Zan bill has already passed, for example Mexico, since the quota of women was high, some men presented themselves saying that from that morning they had woken up feeling a woman, and they had the quota put feminine. How much does such a thing help women? “, urges the journalist. Who then observes on the story of Rula Jebreal: “I am not a regular spectator of the ‘Propaganda Live’ program, but when I watched it I always saw that there were many women. There are always a lot of women and there are also many journalists. I believe that Rula Jebreal has become a bit like certain influencers, who have to find a specious scandal in order to sell themselves and their products “, she concludes.