• Wed. Oct 27th, 2021

Live propaganda, after Rula Jebreal here is the Angelini case


May 15, 2021

Selvaggia Lucarelli is part of the controversy over the invitation to ‘Propaganda Live’ rejected by Rula Jebreal in the name of gender equality (she would have been the only female guest of the episode), to raise another ‘case’ linked to the issue of rights and a regular guest of the same program. “Yesterday – writes Lucarelli on Facebook – while we were squabbling over Rula, a much more emblematic fact about the state of the left that always concerns a protagonist of ‘Propaganda Live’ escaped: Roberto Angelini, the singer in the fixed cast of Propaganda Live posted a video in which he told that he has a sushi restaurant and a friend of his (whom he calls “crazy nastiness”), who he used to work illegally to do her a favor, reported him. The Finance authorities gave him a 15,000 euro fine. Tears, drama, solidarity with the singer-entrepreneur of Emma, ​​Jovanotti, Elodie and other VIPs. And insults to the worker. In short, the left we like: solidarity with the entrepreneur, not with the worker “. On Facebook Angelini had told yesterday morning that he had just discovered that he had been reported by a ‘friend’ to the financial police. “After a year of sacrifice not to quit trying to limit the use of layoffs for my ten employees as much as possible (given the biblical times). I bought a delivery van and made friends who needed to work. I got into debt for pay the suppliers. I resisted with the obviously inadequate refreshments. Not having an open space, I’m jumping through hoops to set up one on the fly. And then … a 15,000 euro fine for illegal work “. And again: “For the fault of a mad woman who has been hardened by life, I would have been forced to shut down and send 10 people for a walk”, he added, lamenting “the betrayal received by an alleged friend who ate and slept at my house. she needed money and I thought it best to help her. ” Lucarelli, however, publishes in the comments of her complaint a reconstruction of the story (always received via social media from a self-styled friend of Angelini’s ‘traitor’ friend): the girl would not have reported anything, in reality, but would have been stopped by finance during last year’s hard lockdown (red zone) while making deliveries for the musician’s restaurant. Then she would be contacted by the Finance who wanted to see clearly and who questioned her about her employment relationship. Hence the fine of the Finance but also the loss of the job for the girl. The person who wrote the reconstruction points out that the ‘traitor’ friend (“a friend who was caught in the act of crime, while moving during a shift in the red zone to make home deliveries without a regular contract, does not she would have covered him up and maybe she wouldn’t have lied for him! “)” she was pilloried by the media without the possibility of defending herself “. And, adds, Angelini “exploiting once again his visibility as a public figure, after having exploited his compassion as a friend who makes you work illegally, he has well thought of providing his version of the facts by candidly admitting that he has committed a crime” . “Yes, illegal work is a crime! There is no justification whatsoever for such an attitude! But in this case no, there is the applause of the crowd”. “Dear Angelini – writes those who reconstruct the story – no one has denounced you: the victimization and the mystification of reality are totally out of place in this circumstance! Your post is receiving the pats on the back and the support of many Italian celebrities ( I would mention them all.) I just want to scream out loud how much this hypocrisy hurts me. ” A few hours later, yesterday, Angelini was back on Facebook to thank for the solidarity received and ask his followers to stop insulting the girl: “Let’s turn our faces. I really want to thank you all for the hug and support received. I wrote a belly post. And maybe I could have avoided it. But I’m sorry to read insults towards the girl and I realize I’m in a privileged position. I didn’t foresee all this. Please don’t insult her anymore, she makes me feel guilty when in actually I would like to keep the pissed off for a while “. “To those who talk to me about ‘never illegal work’ I say that I agree and I made a mistake. And in fact I pay. But this is certainly not the place to investigate. And in short, everything will be resolved in the right ways and places. all this, demonstrating my foolishness, I forgot that today a new song of mine was coming out. I messed up the day of all the people who have been working on my project for months. rider ‘or’ moonlighting ‘… Fuck I would have been a genius. What a promotional gimmick! But no. It’s called Ice Age and it has nothing to do with it. ” But there are those among the followers who did not appreciate it at all: “The incipit ‘Turn our face’ is perfect. It describes you well. You can see that you are used to changing your face: from a communist defender of workers’ rights to a corporal based on uramaki against workers “, writes a user.