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Garum opens in Rome, the BiblioMuseo of chef Rossano Boscolo


A unique and fascinating place, entirely dedicated to Italian and world gastronomy, in particular to the history of cuisine. Garum opens in Rome, the Library and the Museum of Cuisine, in via dei Cerchi 87, near the Circus Maximus, in a beautiful historic building that has captured the attention of passers-by for centuries for its characteristic facade reminiscent of a theatrical setting. Today its rooms therefore house one of the most important and eclectic private collections of gastronomy in existence: the one collected with forty years of passion by Rossano Boscolo, a renowned chef who trained in Paris at Gaston Lenôtre’s Ecole Lenôtre and is the founder of the Boscolo Etoile Academy. Turning around the library, set up on the upper floor, you can admire rare cookery books in precious editions such as that of the humanist and gastronome Bartolomeo Sacchi known as Platina in the first editions of Scappi (1570) and of Artusi (1891). And also, the first printed recipes of the most popular dishes: mortadella, green sauce, mustard, meatballs, panettone, and still English soup, bechamel, just to name a few. The museum, on the lower floor, displays pieces, in elegant display cases and display cases, thousands of tools, pots, furnishings, ranging from Baroque ice cream molds of the early seventeenth century to gas cookers from the fifties of the last century; from the beautiful nineteenth-century Tuscan mezzine and contemporary pasta machines to the design pots of the late twentieth century. A riot of tools that over the centuries have been used in haute cuisine, in pastry, by master chocolatiers and ice cream makers, in bakery but also in home kitchens. And how not to be intrigued by the first cooking game for children in 1898 or admired in front of the endless gallery of copper pots and cauldrons. Garum is also intrigued by the name that derives from the fish entrails sauce used by the ancient Romans. Not surprisingly, the palace is located near the place where it is believed that the Lupercal was located where Romulus and Remus were suckled by the She-wolf. “My personal journey led me to believe that there is no evolution without the knowledge of tradition. and the work of those who preceded us. And it is for this reason that, already forty years ago, I began to research the books, more or less ancient, which are now exhibited in this BiblioMuseo “, says Rossano Boscolo. “A research that moved by study interests has gradually become a passion for collecting and a passion for collecting that is still alive today but which now closes the circle in becoming a public exhibition, open to all enthusiasts and the curious, in the hope of returning to history of Gastronomy what Gastronomy has given me “. Garum is accessible to all with free admission, by appointment only and can be rented for private events.


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