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Rutelli to the Government: “Stable rules for investments in cinema”


“There is only one thing I would like to recommend to the Government: to give stable rules” for the cinema system. It is the ‘secular prayer’ addressed to the Executive by Francesco Rutelli, president of ANICA, interviewed by AdnKronos in the headquarters of the Information Building. ‘ “In Italy we always have the problem linked to the fact that changes are continually announced – observes Rutelli – from the investment quotas to the programming ‘windows’, from the methods of supporting the tax credit which – he recalls – I introduced as Minister of Culture, to help a dynamic of market growth not assisted by politics, with its own creative and productive force and its own autonomy “. Rutelli then asks that” a balanced and rational framework of rules be created and maintained over time, in order to allow investments are not faced with question marks. Otherwise – warns the ANICA president – investments instead of arriving in Italy go to other countries with simpler regulations and not subject to constant change “. In any case, for Rutelli,” The state of health of the film industries is excellent: there has never been such a wealth of productions, recognition for Italy and even jobs “. At the same time, he adds, “the pandemic, in Italy more than in other countries, has moved the public to use it on platforms and other alternative sources to cinemas. In addition, we have had restrictive measures and there is still the the obligation to wear a mask indoors, something that, for example, does not exist at the Cannes Film Festival. Well: adding all these factors, cinemas have undoubtedly suffered a lot “. Rutelli says he is” convinced that the audience in theaters will return to a important level. As for the overall vision, it is extremely interesting: even ambitious foreign investments in Italy and our companies; intentions to aggregate our companies to increase their competitive dimension; we have a company like Rai and we have Mediaset undergoing restructuring to become a European group “. In addition,” we have new players to whom we have welcomed: platforms have also entered Anica and we are the first country in the world, po the USA, where Netflix, Prime, Paramount, Disney +, have joined the association representing the entire system and we have also brought digital producers and publishers, creators and influencers to the historic house of Italian cinema. It is certainly a historical reality but in transformation “, concludes Rutelli on the theme. Moving on to active politics, Rutelli recalls:” I left politics for nine years … or just nine years: I did it for a long time, all opposition and to the government and also in institutional positions. I have had very rich experiences for me, but I have no regrets “, assures Rutelli, after having been mayor of Rome, deputy premier, Minister of the Environment, Culture and Tourism. On the war in Ukraine,” the theme of peace cannot be separated from that of ‘justice’, in the sense that there is no conflict between equals between Russia and Ukraine but there is a Russian invasion in Ukrainian territory, unjustified and unjustifiable, where there is an aggressor and there is an attacked. And Italy did its duty in participating in the coalition that prevented the aggressor from winning the game in a few days, causing irreparable consequences in the international balance “.” Now, however – he adds – we must avoid irreparable consequences due to the effects of the war and therefore everything that can be done to stop it, to find a place of accommodation becomes indispensable. The consequences from the energy point of view are obvious and the consequences from the food point of view will unfortunately weigh no less, in the months and years to come, with globalization itself being questioned. all this can greatly change future scenarios “. In particular,” for Italy which is a country that does not have energy self-sufficiency, which depends on the supplies of others, which certainly cannot make up for it within a few years with renewable sources to over 80% of the needs met by fossil fuels, the issue of the energy transition is absolutely fundamental and must become an important issue on the political and institutional, economic and social agenda, concerning the concrete life of people “. Speaking with Rutelli, he cannot obviously missing the discourse on Rome. “I have an inextinguishable passion for my city”, confesses Rutelli who was mayor of the capital from 1993 to 2001 and who dedicated his last two guide books to it: ‘All roads start from Rome ‘and’ Rome walking ‘. “I have dealt with it all my life, first as a student, then as an’ explorer ‘of its streets and squares, and finally as an elected administrator. I can proudly say that I also know the most remote corners of Rome – ‘claims’ Rutelli – My book is an invitation to both Romans and above all non-Romans to discover Rome and the stories that lie behind each of its ancient stones. And if you do it on foot, in the open air, it is even better: and it is a journey that never ends “. But Rome cannot only be that of the past …” It is essential that the city also leave its mark. in contemporary art – Rutelli replies – We absolutely must not be afraid of bringing together Roman antiquity with modern architecture: we would be betraying the tradition of Rome, which always wants it to be capable of integrations and transformations. Every era must leave its mark “, concludes the former mayor of the capital. (By Enzo Bonaiuto)


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