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Ambassador to Tunis: “Catanzaro Conservatory for dialogue between peoples”


“The Italian Embassy in Tunis and the Italian Cultural Institute continue to focus on the value of cultural initiatives, because it is the main way to develop human relations between two coastal peoples who face each other, to truly build those bridges of mutual knowledge that serve to improve the dialogue between our different but similar cultures “. This is what the Italian ambassador to Tunisia, Lorenzo Fanara, underlines to AdnKronos. In this sense, “this ‘twinning’ between the Conservatories of Catanzaro, directed by Filippo Arlia, and of Tunis – for the realization of the ‘Nights before the Fortissimo Festival’ which will take place in September – is not only appreciable for the collaboration that , but also under the aspect of training In many activities that we Italians have carried out in Tunisia, we have focused on training, because it is a bit our DNA, that is, sharing our experience and our knowledge and also our talents. For this reason, Tunisians really appreciate us very much “. Observes the ambassador: “The Opera was born in Italy and we are very proud of this ‘brand’ which helps to promote the Italian language and the image of Italy in the world. In this sense, I believe that the most important thing is that I did here in Tunisia as ambassador was the organization of an opera concert just a week after the attacks that shook Tunis in June 2019 at Avenue Bourghiba. When tour operators called us to cancel travel bookings and the entrepreneurs were in an almost panic situation, we took the audience to the so-called ‘colosseum’, the Roman amphitheater of El Jem, for an opera concert, as a symbol of presence against terrorism that intends to brutalize our lives. Opera is no longer perceived here as a form of cultural ‘westernization’, but it is certainly perceived as a very high expression of Italian culture, for which there is always a strong demand in Tunisia, which can also create a virtuous employment circle “. (by Enzo Bonaiuto)

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