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Vasco enchants Trento: great rock is back, between peace and freedom


(From the correspondent Silvia Mancinelli) As it was for Modena Park it is once again the helicopter, which took off for the occasion at 6pm from the nearby Fai della Paganella, to catapult Vasco to the Trentino Music Arena where the 120 thousand gang has been waiting for hours under a boiling sun. When the dark prepares to welcome the 1500 lights, the green expanse nestled between the mountains and the vines is a carpet of people with their mobile phones pointed at the huge stage. To dampen the enthusiasm an announcement received amid boos: the concert will start late, at 9.30 pm, for the people who are still waiting at the gates to enter. About 15 thousand fans were left out and all that was left to do was walk to the concert area.The music starts slowly, on the screens the peaks of a desert landscape, the desolation of an old abandoned van, the same as the pandemic, the Covid that has kept us away. In silence, alone. And then the huge message, Vasco XXII. It’s 2022. We stayed in 2019, in Milan and Cagliari. Then the medical emergency abstinence and quarantines. Today Vasco is back, his fans are back. And here the arena explodes, XXII is halved and becomes XI, the eleventh commandment: forward the next one, to the bitter end! “Welcome, welcome back, welcome back, healthy and clear. Finally, finally all together” he says anticipating “The simpler man “. “How I missed you. It was hard, it was long “, Blasco says to his folks. Lots of space for the 80s with” Love help “,” I’ll cut your throat “,” Move “and” Toffee “with a sax solo. excited, incredible, it was long but we’re still here. Hurray “he says before launching” A sense “. And then” Stupendo “,” We are alone “(but many, Vasco specifies from the stage),” Rewind “and” Delusa “, the song written for the girls of the historic Mediaset program “It is not Rai” and whose text he replaced Boncompagni for the occasion with “that Berlusconi there.” There was no lack of reference to Covid in the arena which during the pandemic was a large vaccination center: “Oh yeah – he sung – I am vaccinated (with 3 doses) “. And while in the audience devastated by the wait and the sun of the day, the 118 health workers run between fainting and illness, it is about the war that Vasco speaks again, on the final notes of” Close upsets of the third kind “:” Fuck the war, all wars are against humanity, civilization, women, children and the elderly. ” , obviously “Song” which, as always, dedicates “to all those who have left before their time and who are always with us” he says before doing a round of applause and kiss the sky. Two and a half hours later and the lights go down, the closing is as always entrusted to “Albachiara” and the fireworks light up the finale. In four days it is San Siro’s turn. Blasco is back, the gang’s road is cleared until June 30, when the tour will close at the Olimpico in Turin.

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