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Letizia Battaglia’s ‘passion’ in the new Rai1 fiction


She died shortly before seeing the film inspired by her life and in which she actively participated through her stories and anecdotes until her death, which took place on 13 April last. Rai1 pays tribute to Letizia Battaglia, one of the greatest photographers of our time with ‘Solo per Passione’, a television story that will be broadcast on 22 and 23 May on Rai 1 also in boxset on RaiPlay from Sunday 22 May on the occasion of the thirtieth anniversary of the death of Giovanni Falcone, Day of Legality. In the miniseries, starring Isabella Ragonese, directed by Roberto Andò, framed by the lens of the Battle, mafia members, poor people, girls, great personalities of our civil and cultural history, such as Falcone himself, Leonardo Sciascia and Pier Paolo Pasolini. The photos of the Battle, in black and white, recounted the long ordeal of Palermo besieged by the mafia, the terrible slaughter during which the Cosa Nostra killed policemen, magistrates, defenseless citizens, during the most heinous thirty years of our republican history. A life fought in the trenches that of the Palermo photographer, in a professional reality that has always been male like that of the news photojournalists in those years. The only woman among male colleagues, Letizia manages to impose a look of pity and beauty, making photography a weapon to change the world. In agreement with Letizia and with her collaboration, Andò then decided to make this human and professional story known also on the small screen: “Today I had an appointment with Letizia – says the director taking a moment to pause for emotion, during the press conference for the presentation of the fiction at the Rai headquarters in viale Mazzini – unfortunately she did not see the finished film because she told me: ‘I won’t die anyway, I’ll come to the press conference’. somehow we respected the commitment. I met Letizia Battaglia forty years ago, at the height of her career as a photographer for the newspaper L’Ora. Since then, she has become a fundamental friend. I consider her photographs an amazing human and artistic testimony and, at the same time, a work of civilization – continues She went – and I think her life is one of the most jaw-dropping stories I’ve ever heard of. Letizia was a woman who helped others and wanted to change the world. to make a film about her life and she was very passionate about the idea. In fact, she has decided to actively participate in fiction as a screenwriter. Letizia Battaglia – underlines the director of Rai Fiction Maria Pia Ammirati – was a woman who fought for women and this is a universal struggle. She showed us the dead to make us think. Through her photos, she has done a subversive act: to induce thought “. To play the role of Palermo photographer Isabella Ragonese:” This interpretation is the role of life – says the actress – When you play such a person, you feel the having to do something that is as similar as possible to the person she really was. I’m from Palermo and Letizia has always been a monument to us “.

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