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Ambrogio Crespi: “It’s time to rebuild trust in justice”


Trust in justice needs to be rebuilt through a profound dialogue between civil society on the one hand and lawyers and judges on the other, in order to build a real reform. Director Ambrogio Crespi, author of the famous docufilm ‘Enzo Tortora, says so. An Italian wound ‘. “I owe a lot to Enzo Tortora. My artistic and human journey was characterized by the first important documentary film dedicated to his life and judicial history with which many had associated me – says Crespi – ‘Enzo Tortora. An Italian wound’ won the festival of the cinema, toured Europe, prisons, penal chambers, schools, universities and courts; hundreds of screenings that have represented a real rebirth for me; dealing with the pain of others takes care of one’s own. Always “. “There are some episodes that I remember of this trip with Tortora. The words of apology and the profound repentance of PM Diego Marmo who, after seeing the film, gave an interview in which he addressed his family. A film capable of moving consciences – observes Crespi – it is a dream for any director, but the episode to which I am most attached is the projection in the Senate and Chamber together, organized by an intrepid Michele Anzaldi in the moving presence of Marco Pannella who on that occasion was able to give a profound political significance to the documentary, as the lawyer Diego Della Valle did in Monza with a moved cry. But the observation that must be made 34 years after the death of Enzo Tortora is that cases like his ne we have seen so many and too many. Justice is always unreformable. And it carries with it scandals that confuse people’s ideas. Good justice is that which judges quickly and does so on evidence. We must trust the gi ustizia and any act of delegitimization of the same is a crime against the Constitution “. “We must open a deep and close dialogue between civil society, the lawyers and judges – underlines the director – to give the country a profound reform of justice. Those who fight for the ‘status quo’ have a subversive attitude towards the institutions. The Minister himself of Justice Marta Cartabia is working on a change and is trying among the innumerable difficulties. Justice against someone is not changed, we all know how the referendums will go and the next day we should reconstitute a dialogue, a trust towards the necessary change. only Tortora who has been asking for it for 34 years but an entire country and its future that is at stake. It is time to build success through dialogue because we are tired of defeats and pain “, concludes Crespi.

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