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Andrea Purgatori: “Facebook has blocked my account, I don’t know the reasons”


“They blocked my Facebook account. I received a notice that the account was blocked and warned me that they were doing checks, but without giving an explanation of the reasons”. To tell the Adnkronos is Andrea Purgatori, who this morning found himself without warning with his Facebook profile inaccessible because it was blocked. “I have no idea of ​​the reasons – explains Purgatori – also because they do not communicate them: we are trying to understand it through the social media manager of La7”. “I know that often the block goes automatically for the reports of someone – observes the journalist, presenter of ‘Atlantide’ – They told me that it happened to someone for having published particular photos, for example that of Mussolini and others”. And on the hypothesis that the account may have been censored for the ‘inconvenient’ inquiries of its broadcast, Purgatori replies as follows: “I have no idea, I don’t know. I also do historical things, where I know , Hitler’s photo … but I’m just making assumptions, I’m sailing in the dark and I’m curious to know why. “



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