German director Ina Weisse: “No to ostracism against Russian artists”

“In all this tragedy we are experiencing there is one thing that I do not understand and to which I am against and it is the ostracism towards Russian artists. I disagree because artists bring beauty to the world and because in my work I am I also inspire the Russian masters “. This was stated by the German director Ina Weisse presenting in Rome ‘L’audizione’, her second feature film (already presented in world premiere at the 44th Toronto International Film Festival, at the San Sebastian Film Festival, where the leading actress Nina Hoss won the award for interpretation and at Bif & st 2020), which will be released in Italian cinemas on Thursday 5 May, distributed by Pier Francesco Aiello for PFA Films and Emme Cinematografica. The director also explained that she lived closely the experience of welcoming Ukrainian refugees, “not directly but within my family, because my brother hosts a Ukrainian family, naturally without his father, who had to stay in Ukraine for fight “, added the director who in ‘L’audizione’ tells the world of music in a dramatic intertwining of family and social relationships. The story is that of Anna Bronsky (played by the great Nina Hoss), a severe violin teacher in a musical high school in Berlin. She is married to French luthier Philippe Bronsky (Simon Abkarian) and together they have a 10-year-old son, Jonas (Serafin Mishiev), who attends the same school. The relationship with her husband seems to be crumbling and Anna is looking for new challenges in her rather boring family (which also includes her elderly parents) and professional life.During the school’s annual entrance exams, Anna is fascinated by a candidate’s talent. , Alexander Paraskevas (Ilja Monti), to the point that he goes against all the other teachers to admit it. As Anna prepares Alexander for the interim exams, he quickly becomes her new fixation. By spending most of her time with him and focusing extensively on her betterment, she begins to neglect her family even more than before, putting her duty above love for her husband and her child. Her pressure builds even more when her colleague and secret lover Christian Wels (Jens Albinus) invites her to perform in a quintet and her performance turns out to be a disaster. After this humiliating event, Alexander becomes Anna’s only target and the distance between her and her family grows dramatically. Until the day of the exam arrives and the events take an unexpected turn … ‘The audition’ revolves around Anna, everything is orchestrated around her, the rhythm of the film follows the evolution of the character as well as the soundtrack, which balances the Baroque era of Bach (The Presto, the Chaconne, etc.) with the modern battle of a mother, teacher and woman who asks for nothing but perfection. For Ina Weisse “Anna has high standards, she is a relentless perfectionist and struggles with it all, her pupil is like an extension of her arm and Anna is more concerned about herself than worrying about her future. The world of music, in this sense, which is very oriented towards competition to achieve excellence, was the ideal background to tell this story, to describe this character “. And he adds:” The Audition is about Anna and the family of she. The family is the smallest social cell where different desires and idiosyncrasies meet, and it inevitably leads to conflicts of interest, especially when no one is willing to take a step back. So if it is difficult for someone to function on such a small scale, how complicated can it be on a larger scale? ”The audition is dominated by the impressive performance of Nina Hoss, one of the greatest actresses of the generation for twenty years. she. In the theater she was particularly appreciated her interpretation of Euripides’ Medea, at the Deutsches Theater, and in 2013 she joined the Schaubühne in Berlin, directed by Thomas Ostermeier. In the cinema she is the inspiring muse of the German new wave, dominated by Christian Petzold, with whom she has made six films. For the director “Nina Hoss made her the character of Anna and interpreted him with great empathy.” Among the curiosities of the film, the song that Philippe Bronsky sings at the beginning, ‘Le Temps des Cerises’, which was the hymn of the Paris Commune. Co-written by Ina Weisse and Daphne Charizani, who also collaborated on her directorial debut Der Architek, ‘L’audizione’ is a German-French co-production by Felix von Boehm for Berlin-based company Lupa Film with Idéale Audience, in association with Port-au-Prince Pictures, ZDF, Arte Deutschland, German Federal Film Fund (DFFFF), MBB, MDM, CNC / FFA Mini-Traite and Panoptimo.