Rai: changes to tomorrow’s TV programs

These are the Rai variations of tomorrow’s TV programs: RAI 103: 10 (instead of 03:40) RaiNews24 (The MovieMag column will not air) RAI 2 15: 00 Live from the Chamber of Deputies “Question Time” Questions for immediate response. By Rai Parliament16: 00Detto Fatto17: 15Telefilm Castle: “The final line” 21:35 (instead of 21:20) Telefilm The Good Doctor: “Rebellion”. 1st Vision Rai22: 20Telefilm The Resident: “A second chance”. 1st Rai Vision23: 10A Piece of Lundini23: 45Paradise. The window on the showbiz01: 10I LunaticiRAI 3 15:15 (instead of 15:25) # Maestri15: 50Special Tg3: “Ukraine – Russia crisis” 16:50 (instead of 15:15) TG3 LIS16: 55 (instead of 15:20) Rai Parliament . Newscast 17: 00Waiting Geo17: 10Geo01: 15 (instead of 02:10) RaiNews24 (The program The sign of women 2 -Ferdinanda Gattinoni will not be broadcast)