The director of the Kiev Ballet: “Against all censorship, we will fight to dance Tchaikovsky”

“We are against any form of censorship and will fight to the last to stage Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake. We have sent many letters to the Ukrainian government. To date, no official response. But I must also protect my young dancers. They would be accused. of ‘high treason’ if they danced to the music of the great Russian composer “. This is what Natalia Iordanov, artistic director of the Ukrainian Classical Ballet of Kiev, said to the Adnkronos in these days on tour in the major Italian theaters (on April 22 they are expected at the Modern Theater of Grosseto with ‘Giselle’). Evenings of great dance and solidarity as part of the events ‘The Theater for Ukraine’, a project created to help many young artists, but also the workers who, at the outbreak of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, were on tour and who are now unable to return home. “We thank Italy and their solidarity gestures – added Natalia Iordanov – The proceeds from the proceeds from the shows go not only to the company, but also to support the families of the dancers in Ukraine – It is all unfair what is happening, the war , the demonization of Russian artists, but also of dancers. I put myself in the shoes of a Russian artist. It is humiliating not to be able to perform alongside Ukrainian colleagues “, continued the director of the Ukrainian Classical Ballet of Kiev.” Unfortunately we are artists and not political, but we depend on the decisions of the Ukrainian government. We will continue to travel, to carry our ballets around, in the repertoire there will also be ‘Don Quixote’. We are convinced that it will be difficult to start working in Ukraine again, they are destroying the cities, ii theaters, culture. We would have to wait a long, long time before returning to normal, “concludes Iordanov.