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Aterballetto in Reggio Emilia with ‘Stanze / Room’


From 15 to 17 May (16/18/20) the choreographer Diego Tortelli presents an original creation, tailor-made for the spaces of the theater. A sign of artistic vitality in one of the most difficult periods and a reaffirmation of the central importance of the collaboration I Teatri and the Fondazione Nazionale della Danza / Aterballetto. ‘Stanze Rooms’ is a traveling site-specific performance that brings dance back to the Valli Municipal Theater, after its long closure. Curiously, the last dance show before the lockdown was another Aterballetto work, Johan Inger’s Don Juan, which premiered on 6 October last year. In ‘Stanze / rooms, the resident choreographer of the National Dance Foundation / Aterballetto, Diego Tortelli, designs tailor-made for the spaces of the Municipal Theater Valli. In Stanze Rooms, Tortelli starts from the suggestions of the foyer, the stage and the halls of the Ridotto del Valli and imagines a choreographic and musical journey, which starts from the work Domus Aurea by the visual artist Massimo Uberti, set design for the homonymous first creation by Tortelli for Aterballetto, a bright drawing of an ideal house within the context of an Ideal City. The spectators will enter into an exciting relationship – but in any case always respecting the anticovid rules and distances – with the dancers of the company and will experience in a special way spaces generally dedicated to representation and conviviality. The performance is composed of extracts from Domus Aurea, a 2018 creation based on music by Bach, and two world premieres, the duo Another story, which tells a new story of embrace, and Preludio, choreography for five dancers on the unmistakable voice of Nick Cave . The itinerary ends with Let me go …., a poetic video installation created during the lockdown in co-production with the I Teatri Foundation.

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