• Wed. Oct 27th, 2021

Electronic Dance Music, Vincent Arena’s new single is out


May 12, 2021

“Sweet dreams”, the new song of one of the phenomena of the Edm scene (Electronic Dance Music) in the world, will be available in radio rotation starting from Friday 14 May; his name is Vincent Arena and for the “insiders” is anything but a new name after the successes obtained with the singles “Blind” and “Can u hear me now” on Spotify and YouTube Music. “Vincent Arena has nothing to envy to the great international stars who play in the most prestigious events in the world and is undoubtedly one of those artists who will make their mark on the world scene over the next few years. Italians most listened to in the US “, says Giulio Borgognoni, a well-known communication expert, who will probably take care of Vincent’s management. Sweet Dreams is a song that takes us back in time, in one of the most prosperous and carefree periods of the last century and, more precisely, in the 90s; a song that will make the new generations dream and that will give a bit of enthusiastic melancholy to those who, no longer a teenager, will remember their twenty years spent dancing to the notes of this wonderful piece that made history and will continue to do it now remixed masterfully by this amazing artist. “I hope that this piece of mine can help someone spend a slightly more carefree summer, perhaps forgetting, as much as possible, at least for a moment, the difficult times we have lived in the last year”, he said, sly and smiling as usual. , Vincent Arena who was accompanied in this latest effort by Ludovique, an Italian artist and songwriter, who with his particular voice made the piece even more unique.