• Wed. Oct 27th, 2021

David di Donatello, Mogol: “Zalone irresistible, they did well to reward him”


May 12, 2021

“Checco Zalone is brilliant, very good, he made me die with laughter many times and they did well to reward him”. Thus Giulio Rapetti aka Mogol comments with the Adnkronos the victory of Checco Zalone at the David di Donatello, where last night the Apulian actor and director won the prize for the best original song with his ‘Immigrato’. “I remember among the many ‘Sexual men’ (from the film ‘I fall from the clouds’, ed) -says Mogol- I always laughed a lot, he’s really good”. And on the great defeat of the 2021 edition of the David, Laura Pausini, nominated with the song ‘Io si’, Mogol adds: “Nothing to say about Laura Pausini, she is a great singer. But Zalone is irresistible, so all my support” he concludes.