• Sun. Oct 24th, 2021

David 2021, Pausini mocked by Zalone: ​​social delirium


May 12, 2021

“The Pausini beaten by Zalone? I thought it was a hoax! I swear!”. The victory of Checco Zalone at the David di Donatello 2021 for the best original song ‘Immigrato’, which beat ‘Io Sì’ by Laura Pausini, sparked delirium on social networks, where the fans of the Romagna singer went wild expressing all their disappointment. “As if instead of Guardiola, Zidane, Mourinho, the ‘Coach of the Year – Uefa’ award went to Oronzo Canà …. Shameful !!!”, one user exclaims. Read also “First reaction: shock!”, Writes another, quoting the now famous sentence in English by Matteo Renzi. “But really the piece by Zalone, which nobody knows, was preferred to the award-winning Me, yes? But on what parameters did they vote?”, Asks a fan. “I have no words – an Internet user urges – It ends here, I change the channel. Why is it not appreciated in Italy?”. “Checco Zalone beats Pausini winner of the golden globe and nominated for an Oscar, it is already funny”, observes another, referring to Pausini’s reaction to the announcement of the winning song – in a video that has now become viral – in which the artist bursts into incredulous laughter. There is also someone who tries to see the positive aspect: “But maybe the memory is short. Paolo Sorrentino won the Oscar and then got fewer awards than Virzì”, he writes. But there is also someone who makes fun of her and laughs: “Pausini wins golden globe, nominated for an Oscar … and is beaten by Checco Zalone … I love this country!”. Zalone: ​​”If I knew I came” “If I knew I came”. With the usual irony, in connection from home with the live broadcast of Rai1, Luca Medici, aka Checco Zalone, welcomed the David to the best original song received for the song ‘Immigrato’, written and sung by Zalone himself for the column of the film ‘Tolo Tolo’.