Theater, ‘I mille del ponte’ celebrates the workers of the Genoa bridge

Previewed on Wednesday 21 July 2021 at 9.15 pm, in its second, expanded version, ‘I mille del ponte’ is staged at the Nervi Music Ballet Festival 2021, the theatrical and musical show born from an idea by Pietrangelo Buttafuoco and Raffaella Luglini , president of the Ansaldo-Gruppo Leonardo Foundation, written by Massimiliano Lussana and dedicated to the workers who have rebuilt the Genoa Bridge, in the production of the Ansaldo Foundation. The staging of the show, produced by the Ansaldo Foundation – Leonardo Group, is promoted by the Municipality of Genoa, together with the Carlo Felice Theater and is included in the billboard of the Nervi music Ballet Festival 2021. The protagonists of the stories staged emerge from the portraits presented in the eponymous volume wanted by the Ansaldo Foundation for the historical archive of Italian work, a photographic story through the faces, hands, calluses, eyes and images of the work – from demolition to explosion up to reconstruction – of those who have materially “made” the bridge: workers, engineers, welders, management controllers, drivers, dozens of professional categories that are Italian excellence, appreciated all over the world. On stage, Mario Incudine, singer and actor (recently appreciated in the video clip by Biagio Antonacci, My brother, directed by Gabriele Muccino, alongside Beppe and Rosario Fiorello), the mandolinist Manfredi Tumminello and Antonio Vasta, polist instrumentalist specialized in the instruments of the Sicilian popular tradition, against the background of videos and a playlist of songs from the Italian tradition and recent culture. “The billboard of the Nervi Music Ballet Festival is enriched with a new show, which tells an important page of history Genoese: a path that has brought with it great pain, but which has also recovered a strong sense of community, a drive to rebuild and move forward together – comments the Councilor for Cultural Policies Barbara Grosso – I thank the Ansaldo Foundation which, with the collaboration of Massimiliano Lussana, gave us the opportunity to present this choral memory in the context of an important event such as the Nervi Festival “.” The evening is a great declaration of love in Genoa, the genuine expression of the desire to remember , on the one hand, but also of an impulse to renewal that pervades the whole city, says the Superintendent of the Carlo Felice Theater, Claudio Orazi. I believe that the reconstruction of the San Giorgio Bridge has strengthened the sense of unity and community of our city. The fact that the Municipality of Genoa, the Ansaldo Foundation – Leonardo Group and the Carlo Felice Theater come together to commemorate this occasion, together with the citizens, at the Nervi Music Ballet Festival, which is a manifesto of the desire to move forward, fills me with joy , of pride and emotion “.” The Ansaldo-Gruppo Leonardo Foundation has always been the guardian of the extraordinary heritage of know-how and industrial culture, not only the Genoese one, of which the San Giorgio Bridge is only the latest and most recent example -explains the president of the Ansaldo Foundation Raffaella Luglini- Precisely for this reason we are happy to have given the city first the photographic book and then this show dedicated to the workers of the Bridge, yet another piece of a high and noble history, that of work and its excellence , always with people at the center “. The show unfolds today over three acts: a first act dedicated to the ‘architects’ of the bridge, the industrious hands of over fifty ta typologies of different professionals and artisans, merged into the monumental reconstruction work, presented on the notes of o ‘Guarracino and of The story of Francesco De Gregori; in short: an overview of the representatives of technical skills and manual work of essential importance. A second act is dedicated to the ‘record of notaries’, dedicated to the contribution of the 56 notaries who broke the record of notaries’ records by managing to deliver in time the practices of protection from expropriation to citizens residing at the foot of the bridge. unfolds against the background of music extracted from what, in the forensic environment, is known as the ‘playlist of notaries’: Francesco De Gregori, Fabrizio De Andrè, Franco Battiato, Lodo and Lo Stato welfare, the nuclear tactical Penguins, Achille Togliani , then Roberto Vecchioni and Giorgio Gaber and Ivano Fossati, but also Zorro and Mexico and clouds to tell the research of those entitled to the other side of the ocean. A third act is entitled, ‘Bridge of light’, from the name of Renzo Piano’s idea: where industrial sounds – from the robowash that cleans the windows, to the most modern sensors existing in this sector of civil engineering are intertwined with soundtracks of cartoons – such as the song Ufo Robot, Grendizer’s historical theme – against the background of scenes from ‘cult’ films, which we can all remember, such as the famous Karate Kid’s “wax, remove the wax”, which contrast with humor the rhythm of the incessant work immortalized in the course of the work. and died of Covid in a bed in the San Martino hospital in Genoa. The show is a further homage of the Ansaldo-Gruppo Leonardo Foundation to the city of Genoa in the context of the cultural tradition and historical bond of the Fond action with the city and its territory.

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