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Raffaella Carrà, today the funeral


Raffaella Carrà’s funeral will be held today at 12 in the basilica of Santa Maria all’Ara Coeli in Rome. Many will want to give her the last farewell, after much of the country wanted to accompany her with two days of mourning, with the procession first at the symbolic points of her life and career and, then, with the funeral home. A large screen was also set up in the Capitol to follow live the funeral that will be broadcast live on Rai1. Many tributes from the world of TV and entertainment, as well as those of ordinary people. Lots of flowers around his coffin to testify to the great love of his fans, friends and colleagues. Among all stands out the great heart of Sergio Japino, his life partner. Who was the pop diva of Italian TV Born in Bologna on June 18, 1943 as Raffaella Maria Roberta Pelloni, the dancer and singer, after her television debut in “Tempo di danza” (1961), alongside Lelio Luttazzi, and in the musical comedy “Scaramouche” (1965), in 1970 landed in Canzonissima, becoming known to the general public. Thus it was that Carrà became the first showgirl of the small screen in black and white. Considerable success she obtained in 1984 with “Pronto, Raffaella”, which reached extraordinary ratings for the meridian band. Presenter of “Domenica in” (1986) also for Rai, in 1987 she passed for a short period to Canale 5, and then returned to Raiuno in 1991 with the program “Fantastico 12”. After a four-year interlude in Madrid, where she brought the “Hola Raffaella” program for Spanish television, she returned to Italy in 1995 successfully re-proposing herself in “Carramba! What a surprise” (1995-97 and 2002), a show inspired by the variety British “Surprise, surprise”. He then continued to gather support by presenting “Carramba! Che fortuna” (1998-2000 and 2008) and “Segreti e… bugie” (1999), also on Raiuno. In 2001 he hosted the Sanremo Festival, in 2004 the program “Dreams”, while “Amore” in 2006 was dedicated to long distance adoptions. In 2007 “Raffica Carrà” was released, a video-music collection of the numerous television themes he performed. In 2013 she returned to the small screen on Raidue as coach of the talent show “The Voice of Italy” and her latest album “Replay” was released. In 2015 he hosted the talent show “Forte forte forte” on Raiuno and interrupted his participation in “The Voice of Italy”, which was resumed the following year. His latest program “A Telling Begins You” on Raitre is in 2019.Raffaella Carrà was a great innovator in the history of the small screen. In television varieties, for example, since his debut, he was the first to insert song and dance sequences inspired by Broadway musicals. Starting from ‘Ma che musica maestro’ of ‘Canzonissima’, he has made great hits with millions of records sold, causing scandal with the first navel shown on state TV and with the ‘Tuca Tuca’. She was the first to wear clothing that is now classified as “proto-glam”. Her blonde bob has changed the look of millions of women. With the song ‘Luca’ for the first time he talked about homosexuality in a direct and light way, and it is not surprising, therefore, that Carrà has become an international gay icon.He taught women that to have free will in the bedroom it wasn’t scandalous, with songs like ‘You start making love’. She launched hymns to sexuality with songs like ‘Tanti Auguri’ (“but touring this land I am convinced that there is no hate, there is no war when there is love in bed … How beautiful making love from Trieste downwards, the important thing is to always do it with whoever you want “). Heather Parisi”It is against my nature ‘to mourn’ publicly … I have never done it, not even when family affections were lacking. I think it is part of the mentality of us Americans, who are very different in this respect from the Latin character ” writes Heather Parisi on Instagram responding, without naming names, to the many followers who have criticized her for not having remembered Raffaella Carrà. The former showgirl, on the day of Carrà’s funeral, posted a video that portrays her melancholy as she looks out of a ferry in Hong Kong where she lives with her husband and children. ” On this occasion – continues Parisi – I did it for one more reason, a pact and a promise: to keep ‘ours’ what was ‘ours’. What if people don’t understand? … we’ll get over it. In silence we often say more than in a thousand words “. The fiction about her life” In the near future the producers will try to tell the great professional and human story of Raffaella in a series. from Argentina, where it is very much loved “, Giancarlo Leone told Messaggero, from the Matera producers’ summit.” It would be interesting to reflect on the role it had – adds the former RAI executive and president of the Italian Association of Audiovisual Producers – history of Italian TV through his life “.” In his individual career – continues Leone – three great periods. The first is that of discovery: the seventies, from when he joins Mina in the ‘Mille luci’ variety up to the editions of ‘Canzonissima ‘Then the Eighties with’ Fantastico ‘,’ Hello, Raffaella? ‘ and ‘Domenica In’, when his star lights up. Finally, the Nineties, years in which he is so intelligent that he reinvented himself with ‘Carramba’. Maria De Filippi owes her a lot: emotainment (the entertainment of emotions, ed.) Carrà was the first to do it ”.



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