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A mysterious past to be discovered, the atmospheres of yellow and a pinch of romance. A perfect mix for ‘The cliff of the mysteries’, a French miniseries that will air from tomorrow in prime time on Rai 1. The protagonist is Lola Bremond, a girl from Bordeaux, who is invited for a job interview in a coastal town in Brittany. The interview turns out to be false and Lola learns that, exactly 25 years earlier, a girl, Manon Jouve, who resembled her in an extraordinary way, had been killed in that town. Shortly after, with a telephone message promising clarification, she is lured to the house of a certain Rémi Perec, but when she arrives there she finds him dying. The TV series will be broadcast in three prime-time evenings on 12, 19 and 26 April at 21.25 on Rai 1. A guest, ten sound fragments and a song to really listen and feel again, reliving glimpses of personal and collective memory: it is the formula of “Ti Sento” the program of Pierluigi Diaco, which returns tomorrow at 11.45 on Rai 2 for its third television season. The protagonist of the first episode will be Drusilla Foer, fresh from the brilliant participation at the last Sanremo Festival where, alongside Amadeus, he was able to entertain but also excite in the final monologue, a praise of uniqueness, an invitation to appreciate oneself and things that best represent us. The alter ego of the Florentine actor Gianluca Gori will get involved in a “sound” experience with unpredictable implications, in which listening, emotion, memory, will become a story. Ten sound suggestions proposed one at a time in the studio of “I feel” where the drawings by Andrea Camerini will stand out, who will artistically interpret the sounds heard in real time. There will be space for a song chosen by the guest that will be listened to by the guest and the public and accompanied by the images edited by the director Paolo Severini. What are the boundaries of the judiciary? The conversation between Giorgio Zanchini and the constitutionalist Sabino Cassese, guest of Quante Storie in the episode broadcast tomorrow at 12.45 on Rai 3, starts from this question, about the weight that the judiciary has acquired in our country. A phenomenon that reached its peak on the occasion of the elections of the Superior Council of the Judiciary and that ended up legitimizing an expression such as the government of judges, a clear allusion to the politicization of the judicial structure. Radio3 Mondo: Vienna media with Putin – On Rai2 Falvio Insinna a Generazione Z Austrian Chancellor Karl Nehammer will try to mediate with Vladimir Putin in the Kremlin. Nehammer’s trip to Moscow is part of efforts to promote a “dialogue” between Russia and Ukraine, according to chancellery officials, who said he would specifically raise the issue of war crimes with Putin. We will talk about it on Radio3 Mondo tomorrow at 11 on Rai Radio3 with Franz Kössler, journalist of the Austrian magazine Falter. In summary also updates on Finland preparing for a historic decision on NATO. Helsinki has traditionally been militarily unaligned in order to avoid provoking its eastern neighbor, with whom it shares a 1,300-kilometer border. But Russia’s February 24 invasion of Ukraine saw public support for NATO membership double from 30 to 60 percent. Next week a government-commissioned national security review will be handed over to parliament, the Eduskunta, to help Finnish MPs make a decision before it is put to a vote. ”, The program hosted by Monica Setta, broadcast tomorrow, at 00.40, on Rai 2 and RaiPlay. The actor will comment on some of the themes on the world of children as well as on his own career. At the center of the episode is also the relationship of the new generations with beauty. Discussing it in the studio with the journalist will, as always, be a panel of young people, chosen from among the most followed at the moment by the youngest audience. There will be, among others, the influencer Jaqueline Zanetti, the actress Sonia Battisti (protagonist of the Rai Gulp series “Jams”), the influencer Nelson Chukwuebuka and the young inventor Francesco Maura, awarded with the title of Alfiere della Repubblica , by the President Sergio Mattarella. The boys will confront some adults, including the journalist Roberta Ammendola, the actress Carolina Rey and the psychologist Monica Bormetti. We will also talk about anorexia and bulimia in the face to face with Ilenia De Diego. Like an animated “Back to the future”, “Me at your age”, the new series directed by Mathieu Gouriou and co-produced by Mobo and Rai Ragazzi together with France Télévisions and Monello Productions, kicks off on first TV starting tomorrow, every day, at 8.10 on Rai Gulp. Paul, the protagonist, is a ten-year-old child, who as soon as someone pronounces the words “I at your age …”, is instantly catapulted into the past, just in the time when his interlocutor was the same age. There are fifty-two trips of the boy in the eighties of his parents and the fifties of his grandparents: when there were no cell phones, when the television broadcast only one channel, when there was still no Internet … in short, for a boy from the Twenty-first century: prehistory! Through his adventures, young spectators will also have the opportunity to get to know the emblematic objects of the past years during his travels back in time, such as cassettes, slides or pinball machines. On Rai5 ‘Corrado Giuffredi Duets’ – On Rai Movie the film ‘Farewell to my queen’ by Benoît Jacquot with Diane Kruger From Villa Parisi in Frascati, the seventeenth-century residence of Cardinal Taverna and the Borghese family, the clarinetist Corrado Giuffredi, first clarinet of the Italian Swiss Orchestra and a soloist appreciated all over the world , duet with five equally successful musicians: Giampaolo Bandini (Guitar), Stefania Tallini (Piano), Cesare Chiacchiaretta (Accordion), Valeria Serangeli (Clarinet), Federico Nicoletta (Piano). It is “Corrado Giuffredi Diets”, broadcast tomorrow at 5.45 pm on Rai 5. In the concert program, music by Kovács, Gershwin, Tagliaferri / Berzolla, Piazzolla, Poulenc, Mangani and Tallini. For the cycle “The Vice of cinema”, tomorrow at 21.10 Rai Movie (digital terrestrial channel 24) proposes “Goodbye my queen”, the film by Benoît Jacquot based on the novel “Les Adieux à la Reine” by Chantal Thomas. Versailles, July 1789. Discontent grows in the court of Louis XVI and the French people are in turmoil to put an end to the squandering of the sovereign which has reduced the nation to the brink of poverty, with food becoming scarce and the shadow of a bloody revolt looming. Behind the apparent calm of the royal palaces, everyone is secretly organizing their escape and even Queen Marie Antoinette, played by Diane Kruger, has gathered her entourage to leave the residence and get to safety before the situation escalates. Among her companions there is also Sidonie Laborde (Léa Seydoux) who, as a reading companion and close friend of the queen, finds herself living with great amazement the first hours of a revolution destined to change the course of history. The film received ten nominations for the 2013 César Awards, including Best Picture, winning three awards for Best Cinematography, Best Set Design and Best Costume Design.In 1945, the last major offensive of the war aimed to liberate Italy. by the Germans once and for all. This almost forgotten assault was one of the bravest conducted by the Special Operation Executive and the Special Air Service and was a massive raid in the German rear near two villages, Villa Rossi and Villa Calvi, which still exist today. It is the “Operation Tombola”, at the center of “The secret war”, broadcast tomorrow at 10.10 pm on Rai Storia. The real protagonists of this operation were Michael Lees, agent Soe, Roy Alexander Farran and the partisans at his command.


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