Legal Morgan: “ For now no trial for stalking, documents pass to Lecco ”

“She wanted to have Morgan tried by the Monza court. But she didn’t succeed.” So the Adnkronos Marco Castoldi, aka Morgan, denounced by his ex-partner, the singer-songwriter Angelica Schiatti for stalking, after yesterday the judge of the court of Alessandria, Alessandra Colella, accepted the plea of ​​territorial incompetence raised by Morgan’s defense. “With the sentence, the Gip – explains Morgan’s lawyer Rossella Gallo to Adnkronos – ordered the transmission of the documents to the Lecco Public Prosecutor there will be no trial, it goes back to the initial stage ”. “One to zero for Morgan – the singer rejoices – who in these times fight with arguments and words against the judicial fury against him. My accusers will have to start over and convince other prosecutors. Who knows what they will invent to cancel me! ‘ ” ” I await the next episodes – Morgan concludes – now there is no limit to the absurd, at this point we could also think that tomorrow morning I will be taken from the KGB and taken to Mars to translate the sound of the wind into words under torture ” . (by Alisa Toaff)

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