Carrà, Malgioglio: “ Rai titled you studies Teulada, a month ago he said goodbye but I didn’t understand ”

” Raffaella was television. I would like Rai to dedicate their studies in via Teulada to her, I would like them to call them ‘Raffaella Carrà’. This is how Cristiano Malgioglio with Adnkronos remembers his friend Raffaella Carrà, who passed away yesterday at the age of 78. ” We spoke on the phone just a month ago – she says – I don’t remember what I said to her, I greeted her and she laughed as usual. At one point he added: ‘Please Christian, when you arrive the television changes color, never change’. Then I didn’t understand what he wanted to tell me, he had never spoken to me like that, but now I think that was a message of love, of goodbye for me. Every time I think about it, I am moved. Raffaella was a complete artist – underlines Malgioglio – she knew how to do everything: stand on stage, dance, sing, act women. A bit like Loretta Goggi and Rita Pavone. She was a strong woman who sacrificed her personal life for work. Today not only the Italian press but also the foreign one are talking about the disappearance of the Carrà and this has never happened to anyone ”. Malgioglio tells of the first time he was offered to work with Carrà: ” They asked me to make songs for her and I wrote ‘Forte, forte, forte’ which was one of his greatest he called ‘Great Variety’. It was the first time that Raffaella sang a love song and tried her hand at interpreting such a strong and sensual text. She was crazy about this song. Then Boncompagni (Gianni, ed) proposed to me to write the text of ‘A making love begins you’ but I refused – explains Malgioglio – because it did not seem a suitable genre for me and he told me: ‘You’re wrong because this will become a great international success’ that’s how it was’ ‘. The singer-songwriter also remembers Franco Bracardi: ” Nobody talked about it – he says – but we must give credit to Bracardi, who was also the pianist of the ‘Maurizio Costanzo Show’ for years, because he was the creator of all the most beautiful songs di Raffaella therefore he too contributed to the success of the Carrà ”. The last time Malgioglio saw the Carrà was when he came out of the ” ‘first house’ of the ‘Gf vip’ – he reveals – he had made a dinner for me, it was wonderful. I told her so many things and we laughed like crazy. Raffaella had a lot of fun with me, she had the gift of laughter. At home she was a very normal woman, she was not the star we all know. He was the simplest person that could exist. His death surprised me – he says moved – he never talked to me about his illness, I was terribly ill. I have not agreed to give any interviews. I only did one with ‘Live Life’ but I had to stop because I burst into tears. Raffaella left a trail of magic not only in Italy but also abroad. When he went to America he duet with Stevie Wonder and with the greatest star of Jazz: Ella Fitzgerald. In her programs she even managed to have Ginger Rogers, in short, she was with the older ones. It will remain forever in my heart ”, concludes Malgioglio. (By Alisa Toaff)

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