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Exit ‘Look who’s barking. What would your dog say if he could talk ‘


Company, affection, fidelity: those who have chosen to live with a dog know how much this wonderful being is capable of giving. A unique and special relationship that however needs to be cultivated every day according to precise rituals and codes. Because every dog ​​is different and has different needs and passions. The question, if anything, is to understand them. To meet this need, on 7 July the book “Look who barks. What would your dog say if he could talk” by Sara De Cristofaro, dog educator with long experience in dog behavioral problems, and Lauretana Satta is published on 7 July , journalist and blogger, founder of the Dogdeliver website, a web page designed to tell the extraordinary nature of dogs. The two authors, who naturally also had different experiences (not always simple) as dog owners, literally gave voice to our furry friends, who tell in an original and funny way how they feel, what they like, what they can’t stand, what places they love and what we could do to make them even happier. Between irony and more serious and profound dynamics, the book leads to the discovery of new aspects of the long and extraordinary relationship between human and dog, providing a different point of view from the usual on their life. On the other hand, how many times, looking our four-legged friend in the eye, have we thought that he was missing only the word? Now it has.



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