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Raffaella Carrà, Loren: “News of his passing is a blow to the heart”


“It’s a blow to the heart, a horrendous blow that comes totally unexpected.” Sophia Loren describes with these words her own feelings in learning the news of Raffaella Carrà’s death. “Before that nice interview, in the course of ‘You start telling stories’ – says Loren – in which we really looked like old friends, we had never met personally. Yet many times we had come very close, in Italy and in America. Almost crossed in the make-up room, in a television studio, once I was a guest in a show where she was also there but I was interviewed by Corrado, somewhere else, and so nothing even that time ”. Yet, during the interview, Loren had called her “little sister Carrà”. Because, he explains, “I felt that sisterhood even though we shook hands for the first time there. I had been following her for some time and considered her phenomenal. We had fun all the time, it was nice to work together, we understood each other on the fly and the jokes were all spontaneous. We talk but I still can’t believe she left without saying anything. A lesson for everyone “. After the TV interview we stayed in touch, he adds, “as far as possible. With me she has always been nice, present and affectionate. Let alone that while we were having coffee he told me not to smoke anymore and since then I have not done so, I threw out my cigarette and never relit it. Raffaella is a gift that life has given me. “Loren finally talks about the rigor and perfectionism that shared her at Carrà:” If you don’t do this you won’t go anywhere. You have to work with love and dedication, if not you believe it first it’s over. You have to have self-confidence and she had it, and so you prepare yourself to make your dreams come true. And if you fall, swallow and try again. She was a great professional and a wonderful woman, he had done beautiful shows and yet he was still amazed and enthusiastic. He had spent his life in the show and had become universally la Carrà. It is not just any goal. Very few can rightly say that they have reached the top “.



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